Parks department to buy land for athletic fields


RICHARD SOISSON, head of the county's Department of Recreation and Parks, delivered good news at Tuesday's meeting of Taneytown Area Recreation Council.

The county has agreed to provide money to Taneytown for the purchase of 21 acres adjacent to Memorial Park.

The acreage will allow for the addition of much-needed sports fields.

Soisson said the county commissioners approved giving the city $321,000 for the property.

It is unusual for the county to use its Project Open Space money for municipal acquisitions but such purchases might become more common.

Soisson noted the lack of county-owned recreation facilities in northwest Carroll as a reason for providing money for the purchase.

He also noted that Taneytown Mayor W. Robert Flickinger is a promoter of recreational facilities.

The town will develop and maintain the new section of the park, and the biggest decision might be who gets to use the area.

Baseball was bursting at the seams last year, especially early when teams were battling for practice space.

The situation for softball is not as dire, but those teams also struggle for practice space.

Their situation will get worse because two of the four planned fields at Northwest Middle will not be usable.

The addition to Memorial Park will allow Taneytown to boast one of the most comprehensive municipally operated park in the county.

Kudos to city officials for their foresight and to the county for investing money in recreational facilities in this corner of Carroll.

Christmas spirit

The Taneytown area saw a boost in the Christmas spirit, in part because of increased activities of the city's Economic Development Commission, and in part because of decorations around town.

Taneytown Heritage Committee honored those folks who had the best and brightest holiday decorations in the community.

Bonnie Boone of 402 E. Baltimore St. took top honors in the overall residential contest and Michael and Margie Novak at 4 Starboard Court were second.

Honorable mentions went to: Dick and Barb Valentine at 1 Windy Hills; Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Taylor at 16 Courrier Drive; and Joanne and Baxter Dougherty at 209 Carroll Heights Road.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith of 81 York St. had the best decorated door, followed by Jodi Narowanski-Abend at 64 W. Baltimore St.

Come Saturday Night, an antique shop on Frederick Street, had the best commercial decorations, Taney Corp. was second and Bowhunters Den on East Baltimore Street was third.

Time to say goodbye

All good things must come to an end and this will be my last Northwest neighbors column. After all, I was only a fill-in until a permanent replacement could be found.

That temporary position lasted about 15 months. It started when I was between jobs.

But with a full-time job, a long commute, life as a single parent, and duties with the rec council and coaching several sports, my time has been pushed to the limit lately.

Perhaps the best news of all: My replacement is the person I replaced, Judy Reilly.

I edited Judy's early columns when I was an assistant editor in the Carroll County bureau of The Sun.

It's my pleasure, with other commitments eating my time, to turn these duties back to her.

Pub Date: 1/07/99

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