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A pleasant way to start the day*...


A pleasant way to start the day

* Item: Swift Premium Morning Makers

* What you get: 1 serving

* Cost: About $1.50

* Preparation time: About 1 minute in microwave

* Review: These egg-and-cheese filled breakfast wraps aren't exactly haute cuisine, but they sure beat cold cereal on a cold morning. The soft bread crust is much thicker than the tortillas usually used for trendy wrap sandwiches. Inside, the scrambled eggs hold up well. Swift offers a choice of ham, sausage or bacon along with plain egg and cheese. We tried the ham and sausage flavors and found them pleasant enough. Like the breakfast sandwiches that fast-food chains have had so much success with, these wraps get high marks for convenience. In fact, they score even higher - because you don't have to go to a drive-through to get them.

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