"My favorite book is 'Miss Nelson is...


"My favorite book is 'Miss Nelson is Missing' by Harry Allard. The kids in the story remind me of my friends. The story is about a class in school that doesn't behave well. The teacher, Miss Nelson, decides to teach the class a lesson. She dresses up like a witch and comes to class as a substitute teacher named Viola Swamp. Viola Swamp is mean and makes the class work very hard.

- Benjamin Spekterman

Krieger Schechter Day School

"I think you should read the 'Whingdingdilly' by Bill Peet because it is a nice story. I like it because it's funny. You should also read the book because it will teach you to be yourself. It's one of my favorite Bill Peet books."

- Jenae Stone

Church Lane Elementary

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