Just for kids

Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to these questions, go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

When was the artist Alfred Stieglitz born?

How many kilometers from the Sun is the Earth? (Go to

http://hyperion.advanced.org/15215/ for the answer.)

What color do you get when you mix red, green and blue light?

That's Artrageous!

Whether it's in the form of paintings, sculptures or photography, art can be an adventure like no other. If you are just learning how to use a brush, you'll love the Art Room at http://www.arts.ufl.edu/art/rt ... room/ @rtroom ... home.html It's a virtual playground designed just for kids! The site has just about everything, from art "sparkers" that give your brain a jump-start when you're looking for an idea, to historical facts and trivia from the world of art. Test your knowledge of famous artists by playing art scrabble. You'll learn how to think like a true artist by using your dreams, shadows and everyday life as inspiration. There are even visual exercises to sharpen your mind's eye. If you're the browsing type, be sure to stop by the site's gallery to view artwork created by kids from around the world. There's even an art library containing reviews of books written for kids about art and artists. It's time to apply your imagination.

Interactive Science

If you thought wild science experiments could be carried out only in the laboratory, guess again! At the Ontario Science Centre's Interactive Zone, the magic of science is delivered straight to you. Journey out to http://www.osc.on.ca/ JustFun/Interactive Zone/ izonepages/menu.htm and check out all kinds of way-cool projects you can try at home. Learn how to stand like a stork to understand your sense of balance, or experience the marvelous exploding zit! You'll find out what heartbeats can tell you about health, or how your eyes and brain can work together to make you see things that aren't there. Don't forget to stop by Colour Play to be dazzled by the interplay of pixellated primaries and far-out light sensations. The Interactive Zone is extreme and experimental!

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