Get help with cleaning up

Is your kid's bedroom a temple of cleanliness or a cave of clutter?

Little Suzy's habits, good or bad, could win you a year's worth of professional maid service. Kodak's online photo service, PhotoNet, is sponsoring the "Messiest and Cleanest Kids' Rooms Contest" (no, we're not kidding).

The mom or dad who submits the winning digital snapshot gets a year's worth of maid service - a $2,400 value on paper, but priceless to parents. Runners-up get prizes such as a Kodak digital camera.

If you have a digital camera or scanner, just attach the photo to an e-mail message and send it to

Include your name, telephone number, address and whether the entry is for the messiest or cleanest category. If you don't have a digital photo, log onto the Kodak PhotoNet Web site ( for more instructions.

The contest ends March 31, and winners will be announced the week of April 12.

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