Forging opinion to effect change


The mission of The Sun's editorial page is to provide timely, compelling commentary on issues of interest to Maryland readers, particularly those in the Baltimore area. The editorial page will seek to engage, educate, challenge and amuse. It will recognize the strengths of the community, as well as its weaknesses, acting as a forum for discussion of alternatives and a force for positive change. It will chastise when necessary and offer praise when deserved.

-- Editorial page mission statement

An editorial is the institutional opinion of The Sun, not that of any one individual. That is why editorials are not signed, though they're typically written by one person.

Editorials are supposed to be opinionated, which is one reason for the little-understood "wall" that must separate the news and editorial operations of the newspaper.

The editorial page editor generally decides what editorials will appear; topics are suggested by other members of the editorial board.

Although actual votes are rare, a number of editorials reflect the "sense" of the editorial board - the comments and opinions of the writers, editors and, sometimes, political cartoonists, who are also members of the editorial board. While the publisher does not generally attend editorial board meetings, the editor of the editorial page reports to him, and they are in frequent contact.

The editorial board of The Sun meets at least four times a week to discuss news events and editorials. Also, it meets frequently with visitors from outside the paper, who come to share their thoughts on a given issue and sometimes to suggest topics for us. We try to see everyone who requests a meeting.

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