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Difference of opinionIs Ken Rosenthal having an...


Difference of opinion

Is Ken Rosenthal having an "off" year, or is he just washed up? Come to think of it, has he ever had an "on" year? How can The Sun expect to be major league with writing like his? Didn't anyone ever teach him that simply writing something negative does not qualify as an "opinion"?

For someone who wants to be considered one of the best columnists in the game, doesn't he realize that a rambling series of comments does not constitute commentary? What about cohesive thought? Cognitive analysis?

It's certainly not hard to find all the bad things about sports today; a first-grader could make a living with that angle. It would take talent, however, to uncover something positive, or to perhaps evoke thought-provoking reflection on something more complex than simply whether the Ravens and the Orioles stink.

Art Modell needs to "step aside now." Exactly where should the owner step aside to, Ken? It's his team! For better or worse, all decisions are his to make.

Apparently, media types like Ken Rosenthal and fellow Sun columnist John Eisenberg are easily confused. When Art Modell and Peter Angelos buy these teams, it is their company to run, good or bad. My advice to Rosenthal and Eisenberg is the same I would give to any consumer. If you don't like the product, don't buy it.

Bob Wunder


Marchibroda not to blame

If you walk down a street in Baltimore and see two men, one walking with his head held high and the other with his head bowed, which would be named Ted?

The sad fact of the Ravens' firing of Ted Marchibroda was that he was never destined to be the future coach but was only an interim balm who would soothe for a few years the inadequate management team and inadequate finances of owner Art Modell.

Some have commented on his coaching style regarding discipline. How can you have discipline on a 1998 NFL team when even the mental midgets on your squad know the coach is a lame duck?

So the question should be: If you see two men walking down a street in Baltimore, one with his head held high and the other slithering on his belly, which one would be named Art?

Josh Yesh

Camp Hill, Pa.

Column is 'embarrassment'

I wonder how low The Sun will go in permitting Ken Rosenthal to write his columns of extremism, negativism and hate. It surely cannot get worse than his remarks of Dec. 29 concerning the Ravens' firing of coach Ted Marchibroda.

True, Art Modell's reference to Hitler was imprudent and unfortunate, but it was an impromptu, unpremeditated comment, and his immediate apology seemed to me to be sincere and reasonable.

For Rosenthal not only to have included this reference but to have used it as the focus of his column, and for The Sun to have permitted it along with the headline using Hitler's name, was inexcusable and in extremely poor taste.

The column is an embarrassment to your newspaper and an insult to your readers.

Whatever happened to class?

Donald Fay


Why Browns/Ravens?

I write to respectfully complain of the proliferate use of pejorative terms in a family newspaper. Kindly admonish your writers to stop using "Browns/Ravens."

The name Cleveland Browns conjures up images of a golden age in pro football. Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Leroy Kelly and Paul Warfield never played for the Ravens! The Browns and their rich history shall always continue to be associated with Cleveland. The Ravens must establish their own identity and legacy.

I suggest that your writers and columnists consider using the term "Colts/Ravens" to hereinafter describe the inept football franchise in Baltimore, at the risk of alienating loyal Colts fans.

Michael A. Jeter


Responding to Raffy

I'd like to respond to Rafael Palmeiro and his "Open Letter to Oriole Fans," which ran Dec. 20:

Dear All-Star:

I read your thank-you letter to Orioles fans in the paper. You're quite welcome for the support.

But, Raffy, where are the good-luck wishes to your friend and successor, Will Clark? Peace and goodwill to ALL.

Thomas Mason


Pub Date: 1/03/99

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