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"I really enjoyed reading 'Chrysanthemum' by Kevin...


"I really enjoyed reading 'Chrysanthemum' by Kevin Henkes. This book is about a little mouse named Chrysanthemum, who loves her name until she starts school. Many children make fun of her because she is named after a flower. This makes her feel sad and different. In the end, a very special teacher, who is also named after a flower, makes them realize how very special Chrysanthemum's name is. I think the story teaches people to not only be yourself, but to like yourself, no matter what others think. It also makes you realize that you shouldn't make fun of other people.

- Danielle Cruz

Villa Crest Elementary

"In 'Will There Be a Lap For Me?' by Dorothy Corey, Kyle loses his place on his mother's lap because she's going to have a baby. Nobody else's lap will do. Read to find out if Kyle gets his special place back after the baby comes."

- Dominique Johnson

Leithwalk Elementary

"The book 'Just Grandpa and Me' by Mercer Mayer is funny. It talks about how Little Critter and his grandpa went to the big department store, the movies and a Chinese restaurant for supper. When he says his grandpa does something, his grandpa doesn't do it. He does!"

- Giovonni Furfaro

St. Leonard Elementary

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Pub Date: 12/30/98

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