Alfredo Covelli, 84, who founded a party...


Alfredo Covelli, 84, who founded a party of monarchists in Italy in 1946, the same year that Italy voted to abolish its monarchy, died Friday in Rome. In 1972, the party was folded into the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement.

Cathal Goulding, 75, a Marxist and former chief of staff of the Irish Republican Army, died Saturday in Dublin, Ireland.

Edwin Evariste Moise, 79, an author and mathematician, died Friday in New York of complications after heart surgery. Mr. Moise, who helped decode German and Japanese military signals during World War II, specialized in topology, the study of the properties of geometric figures that stay unchanged during bending and stretching.

Dorothy Nyembe, 67, a black activist who led rural women into the struggle against white rule in South Africa, died last week of asthma in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She was a key organizer of the 1956 women's campaign against apartheid laws that forced nonwhites to carry identity documents at all times and limited their movements. She served 18 years in prison for her political activity.

Richard Paul, 58, a stage, film and television actor who played the Rev. Jerry Falwell in the 1996 movie "The People vs. Larry Flynt," died of cancer Friday in Los Angeles.

Mr. Paul embraced diverse roles during his 35-year career, ranging from Shakespearean characters to Mayor Sam Booth on television's "Murder, She Wrote." He also played a mayor of small Georgia town in the situation comedy "Carter Country," which ran from 1977 to 1979.

Paul H. Smucker, 81, former chairman of the jelly company that bears his family's name, died Dec. 17 in Orrville, Ohio.

Mr. Smucker is credited with helping to transform J. M. Smucker Co. from a small regional jelly and jam manufacturer to a company with global operations.

Dr. Odo Struger, 67, who invented the programmable logic controller, which controls factory automation as well as amusement-park rides and lavish stage effects in Broadway productions, died of cancer Dec. 8 in Cleveland.

The device Struger invented, essentially a rugged computer that controls machinery, was based on a concept developed in his doctoral dissertation at the Technical University of Austria.

Maj. Gen. Charles Mize, 77, a combat veteran of three wars who won the Navy Cross with the 1st Marine Division in the Korean War and was the division's commander a quarter-century later, died of pneumonia Dec. 10 in Alexandria, Va.

Pub Date: 12/29/98

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