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Be a 4Kids Detective

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

1. How many stories can you submit to YWC?

2. When was hockey first played?

3. What are the names of all the characters at Adventures From the Book of Virtues? (Go to to find out.)

What's Your Story?

Gear up your imagination and your typing fingers, and join the creative kids at The Young Writers Club. Where do they hang out? Just a hop, skip and jump away at http://www.cs.bilkent. This club is all about doing, not just being-and YOU get to decide what to do. Check out the activities designed just for kids, send in your own ideas, get started on writing your own book, or read the great stories and poems by the other kids in the club. They're from all over the globe, and they write about everything from silly school stories to sci-fi invaders! There are lots of good stories and ideas to help you write your own great stories. You can even get to know the other young writers by chatting with them about anything creative. So join the club today, and live happily ever after.

Winter Playground

Whether you love winter sports or want to learn more about them, the Web is now home to the ultimate snow sports playground. The Winter Sports page is loaded with frozen fun, from downhill skiing to the luge. It's like having the Winter Olympics in your home! Take a trip to the winter village at http://www. because it's time to get extreme. You'll read about the history of ice hockey, leaf through a glossary of biathlon terms, and meet American ski jumping stars. Interested in hitting the slopes on a snowboard? The site has everything you need to know about the sport, from equipment to popular competitions. Or jump into a bobsled and jet down the track with a member of the bobsled team. Wear your gloves and goggles, because it's time to tackle the great outdoors!

Pub Date: 12/29/98

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