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You could say they're fighting fire with fire


Did you hear the one about the kid trying to buy booze without an ID?

Here are some of the punch lines:

"I'm allergic to plastic. Can't carry it."

"I broke it scraping ice off the windshield."

"I'm undercover for the FBI. We're not allowed to carry it."

The Century Council, an organization that battles underage drinking, collects the one-liners from real-life encounters and turns them into stickers and posters. Your local convenience store can order them free for its walls and counters.

"It's a bit of a light-hearted approach to the problem," says spokeswoman Elizabeth Handler. "We thought this was better than having big warnings all over the place. More than anything else, it gets the merchants' attention. It also puts kids on notice they may be asked for ID."

The council, which is supported by the liquor industry, also supplies serious messages for retailers to display, such as "If you're too young to buy, don't even try."

Handler says she's happy to hear new excuses. Send yours to the council at 550 South Hope St., Suite 1950, Los Angeles, Calif. 90071, or visit: http: //www.centurycouncil.org/

Pub Date: 12/28/98

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