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Opponent's Playbook


The formation: Two tight ends, one-back set.

The action: At the snap, outside receivers Johnnie Morton (87) and Herman Moore (84) run off their respective cornerbacks. On the back side, which is the left side, tight end David Sloan (86) and left tackle Ray Roberts double team, with Roberts sliding off to block the outside linebacker. Left guard Mike Compton blocks the back-side tackle and center Jim Pyne blocks the middle linebacker. Play-side guard Jeff Hartings reaches on the play-side defensive tackle while right tackle Tony Ramirez also blocks on the defensive end. Tight end Walter Rasby (89) steps off the outside shoulder of the tackle to seal on the outside linebacker. Running back Barry Sanders (20) takes the handoff from quarterback Frank Reich, then has three options from which to choose.

Pub Date: 12/27/98

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