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Kent criticism uncalled forI take offense to...


Kent criticism uncalled for

I take offense to Milton Kent's column of Dec. 10, where he comments on the behavior of the Army cadets "shamelessly mugging" after the game-winning touchdown against Navy and then falling onto the field after the railing broke.

He expects more from the future leaders of America's military. If this incident had happened at Miami, Notre Dame or Florida State, would those students have been attacked as the cadets were by Mr. Kent?

There are very few athletes, professional or collegiate, who don't "shamelessly mug" after they score a touchdown, hit a home run or make a hole-in-one. The same goes for fans.

Mr. Kent needs to remember that these young men and women of the military are college students and, if they are freshmen and sophomores, it is more than likely their first time off academy grounds.

The Army and Navy encourage the spirit and enthusiasm of their cadets and midshipmen. What does Mr. Kent want them to do? Sit there like a lump on a log?

Mr. Kent should be thanking these fine young men and women for their hard work and sacrifices instead of berating them for having a little fun.

Beth Kelley


Bad experience with Ravens

I recently attended my first game at the Ravens' new stadium, which I'll call the Toilet Bowl for numerous reasons. Let me express my displeasure, from parking to prices to the so-called athletes making millions off the fans' hard-earned dollars.

First we were forced to build this average stadium, and now we're being gouged by tickets, concessions, parking, etc. The average person would think all this overpricing would lead to top-notch players, but with proven losers in Art Modell and Co. running the club, it's obvious they're only interested in lining their pockets.

It's time to get rid of conservative, nice-guy coach Ted Marchibroda, along with Eric "Fumbles" Green and, at the top of my list, so-called tough guy Jim "I Hurt My Pinky" Harbaugh. I've seen tougher quarterbacks in high school.

Dan Barnes


Ravens among NFL's worst

"The Ravens will get a lead and then the Bears will tank it. Ravens win, 17-10."

That was Mike Preston's prediction in The Sun on Dec. 20.

Final score: Bears 24, Ravens 3.

When will Preston and these Baltimore writers tell the truth? The Ravens are as bad as any team in the NFL. They have a laughable offense since Vinny Testaverde left and the defense is overrated.

As long as Art Modell owns this team, it will be a loser. Cleveland will get to a Super Bowl before Baltimore, and rightfully so.

Greg Gotwalt

York, Pa.

Columnists too negative

Baltimore has evolved into a one-newspaper town, and The Sun's responsibility to the readers must be evaluated carefully and with sensitivity, with your monopolistic situation in mind.

John Eisenberg's stilted opinions would best be expressed by alternating guest columnists.

This would at least remove the ambiguity for the casual reader that Eisenberg is anything but a writer auditioning for a larger market.

Ken Rosenthal, on the other hand, suffers from a hate-hate relationship with anything Orioles or Ravens.

When you are trapped by two of the most negative columnists that I have ever read -- unfortunately, both in one paper -- it creates enmity toward The Sun as a whole.

My opinion is that these Mets-Giants-Rangers-whatever apologists should be relegated to the high school page.

Harvey R. Tate


'Character counts'

Back in the days when the Orioles were winning more games than any team in baseball, the club considered a player's character as important as his playing ability. If a new player violated an unwritten code, he was told, "We don't do that here."

Now those qualities don't seem to matter. The Orioles have paid $65 million to hire a thug, Albert Belle.

Character counts. It is unlikely a team will win a pennant with this type of person on the roster.

Robert T. Sommers

% Port St. Lucie, Fla.

NBA apathy

Does anyone really care about the NBA strike anymore? As far as I am concerned, they can cancel the entire league.

This is greed gone rampant.

John Apostol

Boca Raton, Fla.

Pub Date: 12/27/98

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