Maryland's ever-prolific authors Books of the Region 1998


Herewith, the second installment of 1998's books for the general reader - books that were about Maryland or by one or more Marylanders.

(O) means oversize; (P) means paperbound


"Beating the Odds: Raising Academically Successful African-American Males," by Freeman Hrabowski, Kenneth I. Maton and Geoffrey L. Greif (Oxford, 240 pages, $17.50) Important suggestions.

"Distance Training: How Innovative Organizations Are Using Technology to Maximize Learning and Meet Business Objectives," by Zane L. Berge and Deborah A. Schreiber (Jessey-Bass, 448 pages, $34.95). Keyboards instead of classrooms.

"John Dewey and the Challenge of Classroom Practice," by Stephen M. Fishman and Lucille McCarthy (Teachers College, 260 pages, $20.95) (P)


"Token Creek: Stories From Our Rural Heritage" by Erwin David Riedner (Waubesa Press, 255 pages, $14.95) (P). In southern Wisconsin, lively creatures with four legs or two.

"Charming Billy," by Alice McDermott (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 256 pages, $21). A U.S. Irishman longs for the girl he left behind, not knowing she has left him.

"Time to Hunt," by Stephen Hunter (Doubleday, 467 pages, $23.95). Bob Lee Swagger still has Vietnam on his mind, and a bullet in his hip. Now in Idaho, he and the sniper who aimed that bullet are ready for a showdown.

"The Baker," by Paul Hond (Random House, 360 pages, $23). A northwest Baltimore bakery has Jewish staff, African-American customers. The 1968 riot, breadbaking, a Paris interlude.

"Baltimore" by Harrison Edward Livingstone (Conservatory Press, 467 pages, $27). A loving lookback at bars, artists' studios, law courts, Bolton Hill apartments, more bars. Now and then, bedsheets scorch.

"Stealing Freedom" by Elisa Carbone (Knopf, 276 pages, $17). ++ Ann Maria Weems, young Montgomery County slave, is spirited off to freedom - from in front of the White House. There was an actual such event.

"The Ape Who Guards the Balance" by Elizabeth Peters (Avon, 376 pages, $24). In 1907 Egypt, further excavations by Radcliffe and Amelia Emerson, thanks to (behind the pseudonym) Barbara Mertz. Could this tomb be Akhenaton's?

"An Unholy Alliance" by Ella Guidry-Harrison (Aunt Hagar's Chaps, 273 pages, $19.95) (P). In Louisiana, a strong woman has a husband, son, a second husband.

"Oysterback Spoken Here" by Helen Chappell (Woodholme, 163 pages, $14.95) (P). The Oysterback Bugeye having so few Western Shore subscribers, Chappell transmits recent highlights.

"White Boys" by Reginald McKnight (Henry Holt, 214 pages, $23). Five stories, set in Senegal, Colorado, Louisiana.

"This Never Happened," by E. W. Summers (Random House, 277 pages, $23). Will the son of a domineering father develop similarly, or become a better person?

"Casablanca Notebook: A Collection of Tales From Morocco" by Louis Roberts Sheldon (Gateway, 231 pages, $18) (P). A former writer-correspondent's stories of war and peace there.

Local History, Guidebooks

"Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland" by Helen C. Rountree and Thomas E. Davidson (University of Virginia, 329 pages, $16.95) (P). Indian villages such as Ozinies and Tockwogh: just where were they?

"Tidewater Triumph: The Development and Worldwide Triumph of the Chesapeake Bay Pilot Schooner" by Geoffrey M. Footner (Mystic Seaport Museum, 305 pages, $39.95). The "Baltimore Clipper"? In design, it was simply an unsung Chesapeake Bay workboat.

"The Evils of Necessity: Robert Goodloe Harper and the Moral Dilemma of Slavery" by Eric Robert Papenfuse (American Philosophical Society, 160 pages, $18) (P). Harper, an 1820 Baltimore bigwig, was prominent in the attempt to ship U.S. blacks to Liberia.

"Olmsted's Sudbrook: The Making of a Community" by Melanie D. Anson (Sudbrook Park Inc., 230 pages, $24.95) (O) (P). Baltimore's first (1889) unitary-concept suburb. As its designer, developers brought in the best - Frederick Law Olmsted.

"Way Back When in Sudbrook Park" by Beryl Frank (Sudbrook Park Inc., 66 pages, $12.95). A companion volume, going at it house by house.

"After Chancellorsville: Letters From the Heart" edited by Judith A. Bailey and Robert I. Cottom (Maryland Historical Society, 261 pages, $22.50) (P). Private Walter G. Dunn, grievously wounded in battle, convalesced in a Baltimore military hospital, corresponding with his girl back in New Jersey. And, they married.

"Baltimore Transitions: Views of an American City in Flux" by Mark B. Miller (Pridemark, 223 pages, $22.45). Old-time street scenes, photographed from the identical spots today.

"The Maryland Club: A History of Food and Friendship in Baltimore, 1857-1997" by Robert J. Brugger (The Maryland Club, 414 pages). Dignitaries, gourmandise, story-telling.

"Gardens and Gardening in the Chesapeake Country, 1700-1805," by Barbara Wells Sarudy (Johns Hopkins, 207 pages, $29.95). Nature, under control.

"Architecture in Annapolis: A Field Guide," Marcia Miller and Orlando Ridout V, editors (Maryland Historical Trust, 215 pages, $20) (P). Photos, drawings, plans.

"Annapolis: The Guide Book" edited by Katie Moose (Conduit, 158 pages, $12.95) (P). To fit a tourist pocket.

"Annapolis Pasts" (University of Tennessee, 371 pages, $50). An archaeological progress report, since 1981.

"Builders of Annapolis: Enterprise and Politics in a Colonial Capital" by Norman Risjord (Maryland Historical Society, 198 pages, $18.95) (P). Nine personages from its 1670s-1780s Golden Age.

"Historic Houses of Kent County: An Architectural History, 1642-1680" by Michael Owen Bourne, edited by Eugene Hall Johnstone (Historical Society of Kent County, 548 pages, $45) (O). Kent is now taken care of.

"The Complete Guide to "Finally Heard: Heroines of the Uncivil War," by Angela D'Ambrosia, Sophie Arrick, Meg Coyle-Stanford, Gene Fouche, Rona Mensah and Wanda Schell (Amlex, 50 pages, $10.) The dramatized voices of women.

Maryland Historic Markers" by Joe A. Swisher and Roger Miller (Image Publishing, 132 pages, $24.95). Historical markers total about 600 by now; more coming .

"Picturesque Harford County: The Artistic Impressions of William Turner" (Duncan & Duncan, 120 pages, $29).

"Midnight Dreary: The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe" by John Evangelist Walsh (Rutgers, 180 pages, $23). Walsh would pin it on the brothers of Poe's fiancee.

"The Lighthouse at the End of the World," by Stephen Marlowe (Plume, $12.95). The days Poe was missing, just before his death.

"Maryland" by Esther Wanning (Abrams: Art of the States series, pages, $12.95).

"Maryland and the French and Indian War" by Allan Powell (Gateway, 270 pages, $34.45)

"Baseball in Baltimore: The First 100 Years," by James H. Bready (Johns Hopkins, 246 pages, $34.95). Lord Baltimores, Orioles, Terrapins, Orioles, Black Sox, Elite Giants, Orioles. And other neat stuff.

"Sealed With Their Lives: The Battle for Crampton's Gap, Burkittsville, Md., Sept. 14, 1862," by Timothy J. Reese (Butternut and Blue, 423 pages, $40). An engagement that looms large in the Confederate defeat at Antietam.

"Generals at Rest: the Burial Sites of the Confederacy's 425 Commissioned Generals" by Richard Owen and James Owen (White Mane, 352 pages, $65). Seven in Green Mount Cemetery, five elsewhere in Maryland.

"Mapping Maryland: The Willard Hackerman Collection" (Maryland Historical Society, 64 pages, $20) (P). 1590 to 1882.

"Finding the Charm in Charm City: Affectionate Views of Baltimore," by Huguette D. May and Anthea Smith (Johns Hopkins, 192 pages, $29.95). Favorite outdoor pop-culture artifacts.

"Letters From Annapolis," edited by Anne Marie Drew (Naval Institute, 219 pages, $29.95). Daily life, told in midshipmen's letters home, 1848-1968.


"The Power of Nice" by Ron Shapiro and Mark Jankowski with Jim Dale (Wiley, 259 pages, $24.95). In contract negotiating, honey, not vinegar, catches flies.

"Claire McCardell: Redefining Modernism," by Kohle Yohannan and Nancy Nolf (Abrams, 151 pages, $39.95) (O). The Frederick woman (1903-1958) who, as a New York model and dress designer, pioneered casual, American style.

"Contract With the Skin: Masochism, Performance Art and the 1970s," by Kathy O'Dell (University of Minnesota, 208 pages, $47.95)

"Statements at the Scene: Poems of a Half-Century" by Joseph Gallagher (The Bench Press, 100 pages, $10) (P). The Dante scholar and Christianity-watcher. Word-play verse; prose eulogies for his mother and two brothers.

"Rouse & Co. - Booked!" by Steve Rouse (Woodholme, 112 pages, $16.95) (P). Ten years' worth of gags from the WQSR morning show.

"Building the Invisible Orphanage: A Prehistory of the American Welfare System," by Matthew A. Crenson (Harvard, 384 pages, $45). Changing systems of caring for people in need.

"The Aspiring Adept: Robert Boyle and His Chemical Quest," by Lawrence Principe (Princeton, 381 pages, $45). The 17th century scientist had a thing for alchemy.

"Our Liability Predicament: The Practical and Psychological Flaws of the American Tort System" by J. H. T. Johnson (University Press of America, 230 pages, $29.50) (P). A physician scores today's damage - suit system.

"How to Make the Most of a Flying Saucer Experience" by Professor [Michael] Solomon (Top Hat, 209 pages, $9.95) (P). Don't forget your Encounter Kit, with its dictionary of Martian.

"The Diabetes Snack Munch Nibble Nosh Book," by Ruth Glick (American Diabetes Association, 196 pages, $14.95).

"Barns Across America" by Heber Bouland (ASAE, 152 pages, $15.95) (P). The five great styles: log, German bank, adobe, round and modern dairy.

"Raising Kids and Tomatoes: Amusing Tales and Appetizing Recipes" by Rob Kasper (Baltimore Sun, 215 pages, $11.95) (P).

"Motherhood Is a Contact Sport" by Susan Reimer (Baltimore Sun, 208 pages, $11.95).

"Games for the Soul: 40 Playful Ways to Find Fun and Fulfillment in a Stressful World," by Drew Leder (Hyperion, 235 pages, $11.95) (P). Spiritual growth, in a world that needs it.

"Moral Crisis in the Schools: What Parents Need to Know" by Donald J. Reitz (Cathedral Foundation Press, 174 pages, $18) (P). By a former superintendent of archdiocesan schools.

"Y2K - Run to Save Your PC From the Year 2000" by Eileen Buckholtz (Hard Shell Word Factory, 145 pages, hypertext. Downloaded, $4.50; disk, $6.50). The end may not be near, after all.

"Affairs of Party," by Jean H. Baker (Fordham, 353 pages, $19.95). Political machinations.

"Bulgaria in Transition: Politics, Economics, Society and Culture," John D. Bell (Westview, $70).

"The Eye Book: A Complete Guide to Eye Disorders and Health," by Gary H. Cassel, Michael D. Billig and Harry G. Randall (Johns Hopkins, 304 pages, $18.95) (P). With diagrams.

Outdoors, Travel

"Profiles in Diversity: Women in the New South Africa" by Patricia Romero (Michigan State University, 231 pages, $24.95) (P). Thirty women of differing races and classes find hardships, and joys, after apartheid.

"Their Fathers' Work: Casting Nets With the World's Fishermen," by William McCloskey (McGraw-Hill, 383 pages, $25.95). The age-old, ocean-going, hazardous, hard-labor life, at seven Atlantic and Pacific sites.

"Cape May for All Seasons," by Mary T. McCarthy (Preservation Media, 96 pages, $24.95). "America's Oldest Seaside Resort" and today's Charm Village. Photos by Harriet Wise.

"Bethany Beach Memoirs" by James D. Meehan (Harold E. Dukes Jr., 160 pages, $35) (O). The long sunny quiet, the sudden severe storms, in nostalgic pictures and prose.

Romance Fiction

Books by Robyn Amos, Rita Boucher, Susan King, Loree Lough, Jacqueline Navin, Kelsey Roberts, Nora Roberts, Dani Sinclair, Linda Windsor, Rebecca York [Ruth Glick].


"Fired! A DelMarVa Murder Mystery," by Ed Okonowicz (Myst and Lace, 312 pages, $9.95). Futuristic - Delmarva's a state.

"Rainbow Six" by Tom Clancy (Putnam, 740 pages, $27.95). Biological warfare terrorists are out to dose everybody at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

"Butchers Hill" by Laura Lippman (Avon, 275 pages, $5.99) (P). Tess Monahan (who ought to appear on "Homicide") is now in business as a private eye.

"Ocean City, M.D.," by Tom Croft (Palmer & Stewart, 258 pages, $10.95) (P). The villain is an M.D. - smooth, oily, murderous.

"Zen Attitude" by Sujata Massey (Harper, 312 pages, $9.99) (P). Another case for Rei Shimura. The chase is for a tansu (antique chest of drawers), worth much in modern urban Japan.

"Holiday in Death," by J. D. Robb [Nora Roberts] (Fawcett Crest, 225 pages, $5.99) (P). Computer dating? It can be deadly.

"The Keepers" by Mantle Hood (Tale Spin Press, 235 pages, $19.95). The chase is after 3,000-year-old Japanese swords.

" Tom Clancy's Power Plays" created by Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg (Red Storm Entertainment, 358 pages, $7.99) (P). A computer game, novelized. The menace involves encryption technology.

Younger Readers

"The Turnabout Shop," by Colby Rodowsky (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 135 pages, $16). Livvy moves to Baltimore and a new life.

"Starting School With an Enemy" by Elisa Carbone (Knopf, 105 pages, $16). Ideas on how to get along together, in classroom and schoolyard.

"Where Did All the Water Go?" by Carolyn Stearns; David Aiken, illustrator (Tidewater, 32 pages, $12.95). Sometimes the Bay's bottom shows.

"Sam, the Tale of a Chesapeake Bay Rockfish" by Kristina Henry (Tidewater, $10.95).

"The Flight of the Shadow Drummer," by Paul Joseph Travers (Duncan & Duncan, 180 pages, $9.95) (P). Moses, a young slave, is there for big 1800s events.

"Leonard Calvert and the Maryland Adventure" by Ann Jensen (Tidewater, 96 pages, $9.95) (P).

"Chesapeake Bay Walk" by David Owen Bell (Tidewater, 32 pages, $12.95).

"Poppy's Clouds" by Sharon Crews Hare; Alex Landing, illustrator (Cathedral Foundation, $10) (P).

James H. Bready writes a monthly column on regional books. Previously he worked as a reporter, editorial writer and book editor for The Evening Sun.

Pub Date: 12/27/98

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