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Girls race to Girl Place Just for kids; Kid News


Rebecca C., 11, recently toured Chicago's American Girl Place, which opened in November. Here's what she says about the fancy, fab spot:

There's an exciting new girls place in Chicago. It's called American Girl Place, and it's all about American Girl magazine and products.

The place starts with a fabulous bookstore past the entrance. You'll find books about crafts, fiction and stuff to help you out with girlhood. You'll also find AG's historical books.

On the lower level, there's a boutique celebrating the girls of yesterday. It shows the AG collection of dolls in costumes from different time periods. You can even buy old-fashioned PJ's to match your AG doll!

Upstairs, the American Girl Today dolls and their accessories are displayed.

My favorite doll is Josefina, and my favorite scene of today is the slumber party.

American Girl Place also has this fabulous cafe. We tried tiny finger food that was almost too pretty to eat, like chocolate flower pot pudding.

There's also a small theater. We previewed one of the musicals. I liked that girls our age sang and acted in it.

The building looks like a magician's house. It's very artistic, and we were surrounded by colors.

Pub Date: 12/24/98

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