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Address survey aims to improve county emergency responses


Carroll public safety officials announced yesterday that a survey has begun to verify the location and permanent address of every home and building in the county, so more efficient emergency response can be provided.

A digital map and address system is needed to assist in accurately dispatching emergency response teams.

Johnson, Mirmiran and Thompson, a Baltimore consulting firm, has been hired to gather accurate information on each county structure and the locations of streets, driveways and pay telephones.

"The survey has begun in the more populated areas and will be moving out to the rural areas," said Howard S. "Buddy" Redman Jr., administrator for the county's Emergency Operations Center.

To make their verifications, JMT staff members will drive by and observe every structure, house and mailbox address. Entry to noncommercial establishments will be done after obtaining permission of the owner, manager or administrator.

JMT staff also might have to travel into a private driveway to identify a residence not visible from a public roadway and might have to enter commercial or institutional facilities to check on pay phone locations.

"Their vehicles will be clearly marked with 'JMT,' " Redman said.

The survey is expected to end in February or shortly after, he said.

Questions about the survey may be directed to JMT staff members, or to Norma Bair in the Office of Public Safety at 410-386-2262.

Pub Date: 12/24/98

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