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Pupils add elegant air to cafeteria dining


IF THE CAFETERIA food tasted elegant at Charles Carroll Elementary School in Silver Run yesterday, perhaps it was the new ambience of fine dining, crafted during a schoolwide, yearlong program that culminated with pupils wearing favorite dress-up clothes and entertaining William O. Hyde, superintendent of schools.

The school cafeteria has been renamed the Chippy Cafe, in honor of the school chipmunk mascot.

"It gives it the feel of a restaurant, but with a whole bunch of kids and no parents," said Steven Rankin, age 10. His classmates, all from Peggy James' fifth-grade class, were wearing ties or fancy dresses.

"Manners matter is the whole idea," said classmate Paul Eppley, age 10.

Tables were dressed, too, with personal place mats designed by each of the 390 pupils at Charles Carroll for the schoolwide Manners Matter Place Mat Contest.

Yesterday, the place mat winner from each classroom could talk with Hyde at a separate table for lunch and receive a snowman cupcake, candy and soda served by school Principal Richard Huss, dressed in a tuxedo for the occasion.

"With elementary kids you have to have something out the ordinary," Huss explained.

Inviting every child to dress his best for lunch promoted school spirit and highlighted the two-month "Manners Matter" program.

Previously, the student body concentrated on behavior in classrooms and hallways, and moved to cafeteria behavior in November.

"Granted, lunchtime is a social time with friends, but there needs to be a balance, a calmer dining atmosphere," Huss said.

On Tuesday, while cafeteria assistant Donna Smith, dressed in velvet, took snapshots of pupils, fellow cafeteria assistant Paula Wise commented, "We don't have any bad kids in this school. I've seen them go all the way through," in her nine years in the cafeteria, in which she helps groups of pupils wash tables after lunch.

Last summer, the School Climate Action Team, the committee of the School Improvement Team that is concerned with school climate, behavior and activities, developed the "Three R's: Respect, Responsibility and the Right to Learn," spelled out in a pamphlet for all pupils.

"These are our basic expectations to put our students into the best possible learning environment," Huss said.

Helped by a committee, the school guidance counselor, Kim Trojanowski, and third-grade teacher Penny Segessenman, "went well beyond," he said, to formulate activities such as the place mat contest that would engage pupils.

Those who won the contest and met with Hyde for lunch are, from grade one, Gus Mohlenrich, Jessie Keeney and Kory Shorb; from grade two, Tyler Colson, Staci Jasilaitis and Nicole Ayag; from grade three, Ashley Cogar, Caitlin Moore and Bruce Strevig; from grade four, Jessi Hardesty, Gabrielle Balassone and Angela Barbagallo; and from grade five, Nicole Huff, Mandy Harman and Roxanne Fleischer.

Information: 410-751-3211.

Rock out the old year

Polish those dancing shoes for the New Year's Eve dance at Hampstead Fire Hall from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Oldies rock 'n' roll will make your feet move as Big Cam & the Lifters resonate their choice of fabulous '50s and super '60s songs to dance away the old year and welcome 1999.

Band members include guitarist Jeff Lind, who toured with the Box Tops, and bassist Teresa Moore, who performed in the Wolfman Jack Rock Review. Pianist Bob Grover and drummer Bill Schneitzinger have played with rock 'n' roll artists Frankie, Fabian and Bobby Lewis. Saxophonist Jimmy Loomis toured with Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels. The band stars Lorenzo T. Howard and Ron Williams.

Tickets are $15 prepaid, and include noisemakers and continental breakfast. Bring your own beverages. Send checks to Brian Ruby, P.O. Box 306, Hampstead 21074.

Information: 410-374-2424.

Holiday concert given

North Carroll High School Ensemble recently sang holiday favorites for senior citizens from throughout the area at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Hampstead.

Directed by Chuck O'Day, the concert has become a North Carroll tradition, sponsored annually by the Women's Club of Hampstead. Visitors included two officials from the Greater Federation of Women's Clubs, Sally Marks, president of the Western District, and Barbara Pilotte, president of the Maryland Federation.

"The singing was excellent," said Elise Cooper, publicist for the Women's Club of Hampstead. "To express our thanks, the club provided cookies and punch to all in attendance."

Pub Date: 12/23/98

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