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Janet Brewster Murrow, 88, a radio broadcaster...


Janet Brewster Murrow, 88, a radio broadcaster and relief worker during World War II in London, where her husband, Edward R. Murrow, was CBS' star war correspondent, died of heart failure Friday at the North Hill retirement community in Needham, Mass., where she lived.

Soon after the war began in September 1939, Mrs. Murrow made her first radio broadcast, for CBS, about family life in wartime, and she became an occasional broadcaster for CBS and BBC.

Her relief work included arranging for British recipients to get medicine and other supplies from American donors and helping evacuate British children to the United States. She also served ,, on a British-American crisis team that worked to enhance relations between British civilians and American military personnel stationed in Britain.

The Murrows were dining at the White House with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor, when the president was informed of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Neither Mrs. Murrow nor her husband ever reported on the details of the night.

Pub Date: 12/23/98

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