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Skull found by tracks in Charles County


While searching for turtle shells along railroad tracks in Charles County yesterday morning, Scott Whaley made a gruesome find.

The trucker from Palestine, Ohio, found the remains of a human skull.

"It's been there a while," Whaley said.

The Charles County Sheriff's Department searched the area near Acton Lane and Route 925 near Waldorf yesterday, looking for more information, said Craig Renner, a department spokesman. Investigators found partial skeletal remains and a dark T-shirt with "AW 1" written on it.

Authorities declined to identify what was found or the degree of decay.

Whaley said he parked his tractor-trailer in Waldorf around 6 a.m. to deliver a shipment. Because he had some extra time, he decided to take a walk along the tracks searching for shells, from which he makes jewelry.

After walking a few miles, Whaley said, he saw a plastic bag in the middle of the track. When he kicked it open, he saw what looked like a jawbone, fillings, hair and a bloodied cloth.

Pub Date: 12/21/98

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