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Among eggnog recipes, it's the cream of the crop


Editor Note: Since there will be no A La Carte section on Wednesday, Rob Kasper's eggnog column -- with his much-requested recipe -- appears today. AROUND THIS TIME of year, people often lose track of things -- their credit cards, their good sense, their favorite recipes.

For losses suffered in the first two categories -- credit cards and common sense -- I can offer sympathy, not useful advice. I also can report that on a recent holiday shopping excursion, every time I used a credit card I was quickly overcome with panic.

It happened this way. I would leave a store, put my purchases in the trunk of the car, sit in the driver's seat, then immediately become convinced that I had left my credit card back in the store. As my stomach churned, I would whip out my wallet, pat myself down and check all my pockets.

The credit card would appear, still smoking, but still there. I went through this routine three times. Perhaps my brain was trying to send a message that in the name of common sense and fiscal responsibility, I should lose my credit card.

As for lost recipes, I understand why that happens too. It seems to me it has some connection with a loss of common sense and an intake of alcohol.

Take, for instance, the case of my eggnog recipe. Every year when I fetch the recipe, I swear this will be the last time it sees print.

But every December I get calls from folks saying something like, "You printed a recipe for eggnog once. It was really good. And now I can't find it, and my big holiday party is tomorrow. If I have the recipe, my life will be perfect. If not, my career will be ruined. Friends and loved ones will mock me, and I will be forced to spend the holidays alone, selling pencils on the street corner."

When I get such requests, I am tempted to reply, "This wouldn't have happened if rather than dancing the merengue at last year's office party with that young, hard body from sales, you had, instead, carefully folded up the recipe and put it in your shirt pocket."

I want to say that, but never do. Who am I to sound so sanctimonious? A special prosecutor? No, I am the guy who always wanted to dance the merengue.

Moreover, I lose that recipe all the time and have to rely on the wonders of computer memory, not my own, to call it back to life.

So here it is, once again, the recipe for my nog, which I modestly call "the world's greatest."

Rob Kasper's eggnog

Makes 8 cups

2 cups bourbon

1 1/8 cups sugar

6 egg yolks, beaten

4 cups whipping cream

Blend bourbon and sugar in large mixing bowl. Let sit overnight. Beat egg yolks until they turn dark yellow. Add to bourbon mixture. Mix well. Cover and let sit in refrigerator at least 2 hours. Whip cream, add to bourbon mixture. Nog starts off very creamy and becomes soupy the longer it survives.

Pub Date: 12/21/98

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