Her warm greeting warmed his heart


Scott Weitz knows the exact moment that he decided he wanted to marry Donna Breach.

It came at the end of a long day at work, when Scott wondered if his occupation might make it impossible for him and Donna to continue dating.

Scott has his own towing company, Apex Towing Service Inc., in Reisterstown. When he started out a few years ago, he handled all of the calls himself; he had no employees.

One evening, after they had been dating a few months, Donna offered to cook Scott dinner at her home in Perry Hall. Scott had driven about halfway there from Reisterstown when he got a call from a customer asking him to tow a vehicle to Upperco-Arcadia in northern Baltimore County. Scott called Donna to tell her - as he had many times already - that he would be "a little late." It was 7 p.m.

Scott turned around, drove back to Reisterstown and hustled to get the car where it was supposed to be. He was on his way to Donna's once more when he received a call from a customer who wanted him to tow a car to Timonium. Scott didn't want to upset Donna, but he couldn't afford to turn down work.

Heading to Donna's for a third time, Scott remembers thinking, "I'm going to get there and she's going to smash whatever she made right over my head."

It was 9:15 p.m. when he pulled up and cautiously knocked on the door. Donna answered. The first words out of her mouth: "I kept dinner warm for you."

"I thought, 'Oh, yes! We're keeping this one!' " Scott recalls with a chuckle. "If I can show up two hours late and she's smiling and keeping dinner warm for me, I'm definitely keeping this one."

The story makes Scott and Donna smile now, especially when they think of how they almost didn't get together in the first


In 1993, Scott and Donna, both volunteer firefighters, were enrolled in the same Baltimore County Fire Department training class. The class met three times a week for three months, but Donna and Scott rarely spoke to one another. All the while, they admit now, he was attracted to her and she harbored a secret crush on him.

When the class ended, the couple only saw each other once a year at the annual firefighters' convention in Ocean City. Once, a friend of Scott's overheard Donna talking to her friends about the crush she had on Scott. He told Scott, but Scott refused to believe the second-hand information.

In early 1997, Donna - in the midst of paramedic training - was assigned to a fire station where a close friend of Scott's worked. The friend found out that Donna had broken up with her longtime boyfriend, and he told Scott. Though overwhelmed with the pressure of starting his business, Scott finally called Donna.

He was smitten within weeks. So was Donna.

Donna, transportation coordinator for Rural Metro Corp. of the Mid Atlantic in Savage, and Scott, who now employs two other people in his firm, got engaged at the stroke of midnight on Valentine's Day this year.

On Dec. 12, the couple, both 27, were married in an interfaith ceremony at the Haebler Memorial Chapel at Goucher College in Towson. (Donna is Catholic and Scott is Jewish.) Donna's brother, Richard Breach Jr., was among the groomsmen, and Scott's sister, Stacey Weitz, served as a bridesmaid. The 220 guests included Donna's parents, Mary Margaret and Richard Breach Sr. of Perry Hall, as well as Scott's parents, Henry and Donna Weitz of Reisterstown.

After a reception at Turf Valley Resort and Country Club, Donna and Scott headed for New York City. Their stay was brief, however. Scott asked Donna for her understanding and support once more, and she complied. The couple will take their "real honeymoon" in the spring - when it'll be easier for Scott to leave his towing business for an extended period of time.

Pub date: 12/20/98

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