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75 years ago: Albert Neff, age 12,...


75 years ago: Albert Neff, age 12, was taken from the public school at Bartholows near Mount Airy Tuesday afternoon by a man and woman who placed him in an automobile and rapidly drove away. As the machine sped down the road the woman was heard to say,"We've got him now." The lad was crying, and it is believed he has been taken out of the state. The man and woman drove up to the schoolhouse and rapped at the door. Miss Rhudove Layman, the teacher, answered and the man, a stranger, asked for young Neff. As he stepped outside, the man assisted him in the car and drove away. Thinking that he would return, no attention was paid to his absence until the school session closed. Inquiry failed to reveal the identity of the man and woman, and no trace of the missing lad has been found. --

Democratic Advocate, Jan. 18, 1924.

Pub Date: 12/20/98

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