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Maybe it's time for more liberal policy...


Maybe it's time for more liberal policy on drugs

In response to Marshal Meyer's letter on George Soros' pledge ("Soros' links to the mayor raise drug policy concern," Dec. 15), maybe it's about time for a new approach to the nation's drug problem. If liberalizing drug-use laws can cut down on crimes connected to the trade, maybe the time has come for this direction.

The present method of drug enforcement is not winning any prizes for the most efficient method. The lure of easy money often tempts otherwise law-abiding citizens to get into the game.

If government control is the only way to cut down on the evils of the present system, maybe it is time to give it a try.

Dan Darrah

Glen Burnie

GOP's disservice to our country

As a student of history and government and a retired social studies teacher, I feel that congressional Republicans are doing a great disservice to the United States. With regard to the congressional hearings, I strongly protest them as unconstitutional.

The purpose of a presidential impeachment is to impeach and convict a president doing harm to the government and the people, not for a sexual indiscretion, as serious as that may be.

For more than 200 years, the United States has had political stability because we decide our political problems by holding elections, unlike parliamentary systems that call for removal and/or new elections wherever the party in power loses a vote of confidence.

Since we have powers of government divided between the three branches, the stability of our nation has remained intact.

Should this attack on the president be allowed to go forward, the precedent that this establishes weakens the office, thus giving Congress the power to threaten future presidents and putting the delicate balance between the three branches in jeopardy.

Howard L. Dobkin


Kirschbaum photo deserves an award

I had to write concerning Jed Kirschbaum's photo on Dec. 3.

I hope he receives some sort of an award. The way he captured the little boy's concern for his friend (or mother) after the fire in their apartment house.

That picture is art with a capital "A." I feel sad about the circumstances and that photo represents the sadness in the circumstances.

Connie Kelly


Stern on network TV gets thumbs down

WJZ-TV, Channel 13, is airing Howard Stern's show at 11: 35 p.m. on Saturdays. Mr. Stern's forte is rude, lewd and crude. I don't think it should be on a public access channel, even late at night.

Many people buy basic cable to keep from getting shows like this. I am disappointed that Channel 13 airs it.

I commend the other CBS channel in our area, Channel 9, for not airing Mr. Stern.

Tom Fosler


Pub Date: 12/20/98

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