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Readers' opinions on impeachment


Here is a sampling of calls readers of The Sun made to Sundial, The Sun's telephone information service, concerning the impeachment of President Clinton:

"I think this impeachment procedure is absurd. Let every one look back onto the Bible: 'Let him without sin cast the first stone.' Let's get on to other things with the holiday season coming up. I think he's done too much for good for this country, too much to be petty on this other thing." -- Goldie Lyzere, Baltimore area

"It's out of control. It's taken on a life of its own without any thoughtfulness about it. The way [independent counsel Kenneth Starr has handled the investigation is almost a fourth branch of government; he's outside the realm of the Constitution, but it's impacting everything. This has upset the balance of power, which has contributed to this being out of control. I'm upset and angry that Congress is ignoring the wishes of the people, and they are there by the will of the people." -- Jana Loughry, Columbia

"It appears that what these Republicans are trying to do is kill this country with their stupidity. The high crimes they're talking about have not occurred. They never found anything with Whitewater and let Starr go on and on and on at our expense, and it doesn't make sense. Those representatives were sent there to govern the country, not to waste our money and our time." -- Morton Weiner, Upper Park Heights

"I say impeach the perjurer without fail. A liar does not belong in the White House. How can we expect other countries to believe him? How anyone can condone perjury? What are we saying to our children? It's not about sex; it's about perjury." -- Frederick J. Vaeth Jr., Timonium

"I think that he's done a very good job for the country, our economy is very good, his business decisions have been to our advantage, and I don't think that what he did was right, but I don't think he should be impeached for an affair." -- Karen E. Lee, Edgemere

"I think the House is doing the right thing by voting their conscience and not listening to the polls. I feel that if the president is allowed to [evade] the law then we become a class society where [justice] matters because of who you are. All people are equal under the Constitution." -- Sheila Lewis, Social Security Administration

"I am absolutely fed up with these proceedings, and what our government is doing is absolutely asinine. We are impeaching him for sex life. I am so worked up with this that if they do somehow impeach this president, by the time the next election comes, if I'm still around, I will work to get every Republican out. I'm 74 years old and I've lived through all these presidents.

They've all lied; they've all had affairs -- except maybe for Truman and Carter. This president did nothing to harm the country, and this is what I resent the most." -- Beverly Kirsch, Pikesville

"I think impeachment is wrong, not to condone what the president has done, but I think it does not arrive at that level. Impeachment would further divide our country -- left vs. right, Republican vs. Democrat, black vs. white." -- Richard Hyer Jr., White Marsh

"This man is diabolical and would not be above using the bombing of Iraq to derail the impeachment proceedings. Until we get rid of him, we won't be a fully blossomed country." -- James A. Holechek, Cross Keys, Baltimore

"I am a former Democrat who turned Republican when Clinton took office. I feel there are very few crimes that could rise to the level [of] perjury and Clinton is obviously guilty of perjury and should be impeached." -- Cathy Thornton, Baltimore area

"I have a very strong opinion that the president should not be impeached. He has committed acts that are unseemly, but the impact of impeachment on our nation and its economy would be far too detrimental. Former Senator [Bob] Dole's suggestion that a joint resolution of Congress [censuring Clinton] is an excellent one." -- Neil Carey, Ellicott City

"I was in the last war with Iraq, but I'm sorry, this is all just a little too coincidental. They're supposed to vote on impeachment tomorrow and tonight he's bombing Baghdad? I have a problem with that. I don't think he should be impeached for Monica [Lewinsky], but he should for lying in court. If I lie before a judge, I'm going to do some time in the slammer." -- Robert A. Christopher, North Baltimore

"I definitely think that Clinton should be impeached for perjury. He is without a doubt a very, very poor president. I don't know why people cannot see that Gore would be so much better." -- Helen Ellacine, Baltimore area

Pub Date: 12/18/98

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