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Nursing home fails inspection federal funding to be cut off


A Baltimore nursing home has failed its fourth straight state inspection in six months, and all federal funding for patients at the 140-bed facility is being cut off today.

Carol Benner of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said yesterday that state inspectors found that Harford Gardens, located at 4700 Harford Road, did not meet minimum health and safety standards in an inspection conducted last week.

"They are still not in compliance," said Benner, adding that the funding for Medicare and Medicaid patients would automatically cut off today.

Despite the fund cutoff and the failed inspection, Benner said state officials were working with the owners of the nursing home, Harborside Healthcare of Boston, to keep it operating and avoid the need to transfer patients to other facilities.

Benner said the nursing home had agreed to bring in outside consultants in an effort to bring the home into compliance. She added that the state will closely monitor the home's operations to ensure the health and safety of residents.

"Although it's late, we do expect them to come into compliance," Benner said.

Catherine Raines, a regional director for Harborside Healthcare, said the owners had decided to absorb the cost of caring for patients, who will no longer be covered by federal funding, until the nursing home is recertified. She said 124 of the 130 patients at Harford Gardens are covered by the Medicare or Medicaid program.

Harford Gardens has been cited in past inspections for deficiencies related to direct patient care, such as the treatment and prevention of bedsores, and recordkeeping.

Pub Date: 12/18/98

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