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Heston gunning for Wallace


National Rifle Association top gun Charlton Heston has Mike Wallace in his sights, and Wallace doesn't understand why.

Wallace's profile of Heston will run Sunday on "60 Minutes." In Heston's column in the January issue of Guns & Ammo, he says the segment will probably follow "60's" "pattern of character assassination" and "SWAT-team journalism." Wallace, Heston writes, will do his best to "ambush" him. Only one problem,

Wallace says. Heston hasn't seen the story.

"It's hilarious," says Wallace, en route to Chicago. "Our conversations could not have been more mutually cordial. I don't know him well, but we are virtually of an age [Wallace is 80; Heston 75]. I like him very much, and he seemed to reciprocate."

Going a step further, Wallace finds it "difficult to believe" that Heston even wrote the piece. "That's not his nature. He's not that kind of man." If Heston felt that way, Wallace adds, "why would he have bothered to sit down with me? After all, we do not have powers of subpoena."

Wallace says he called Heston last week and read him the G&A; piece. "At first, he didn't know what I was talking about," Wallace says. "For a moment, he did not recall. But then, since we are of an age, I frequently fail to recall things. Eventually, he said, 'Oh, yeah, I remember.' " Heston was shooting a movie, his publicist said, and could not be reached for comment.

Pub Date: 12/18/98

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