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Setting the tone at work


Not one, but two recommendations arrived in Candid Closet's mailbox for Tony Wilson, a mail room employee at the Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver law firm.

One attorney confessed that Wilson's fine appearance "makes the rest of us cringe in comparison with his sharp but conservative suits." A secretary at the firm notes that Wilson, while on a tight budget, is "very stylish, mixes and matches extremely well, great with colors and always looks very professional."

Wilson, 37, the father of a young son, is low-key but adamant about keeping up appearances. The Baltimore resident owes his sense of style to his grandmother, who used to talk about her brother, "a snazzy, jazzy dresser," and "also my father. He used to play alto sax in a jazz band."

Did you dress to the max in high school?

I went to high school in Florida. I mostly wore dressy clothes, New York styles and things like that. I used to wear my hair slicked back like the Fonz and then I would wear rolled up blue jeans and sleeves.

Was the heat on to look good?

It was like a fashion show at school. If you didn't want to get picked at, you would have some nice stuff on.

You have many admirers at work!

They like the way I dress. I really spiff them up, too. They see me looking all sharp, they have to get their gear together.

Where do you shop?

I go to Gage men's store, Value City, and I get my shoes at Just For Kicks. I go to Hecht's, too, and there's lots of other nice men's stores at Towson Town Center.

How do you dress so well on a budget?

I take care of my bills first, then I get my nice clothes. I usually have enough left over to get at least a shirt.

Do you dress down to visit your son?

I wear sharp clothes over there to inspire him to keep his self-esteem and positive attitude.

What would you like for Christmas?

A nice tie or a nice shirt.

What colors do you favor in a shirt?

Red, black, purple, and a real nice, pretty white.

What size are you?

Size 15 and a half, or 16.

Why are good clothes important to you?

They just give you self-esteem. When certain things get in the way, you figure out how to get by them and go on. Looking good helps with that.

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Pub Date: 12/17/98

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