Bowled over by easy, tasty salad mixes


* Item: River Ranch salad mixes

* What you get: About three servings

* Cost: About $2

* Preparation time: 2 to 20 minutes

* Review: I'd convinced myself that pre-washed, bagged salad mixes were an unnecessary expense. I mean how difficult is it to wash and tear lettuce? But River Ranch has forced me to rethink my theory. The Italian Salad with Romaine, Radicchio and Endive proved to be an easy base for a "kitchen sink" salad that included everything from leftover pasta to black beans. And the Quick Slaw with Country Homestyle Dressing offered a sweet poppy-seed dressing that passed the toughest coleslaw test I know - my mother-in-law. I bought both mixes just a day or two before their sell-by date and then waited a day or two to use them. Pleasantly, there was nary a wilted leaf in either bag.

Pub Date: 12/16/98

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