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Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

How many years have dinosaurs been extinct?(Go to

http:// dinosaurs.eb.com/ for the answer.)

What does the word "renaissance" mean in French?

What type of structure was an Anasazi "great house" ?

The Spirit of Florence

The Renaissance remains one of the most memorable eras of European history. Meet the explorers, philosophers and architects who brought Europe out of the Middle Ages and into an age of intellectual freedom and adventure. Go back in time to http://www.learner. org/exhibits/renaissance/ and relive the sites and sounds of this golden age. From Galileo's work in astronomy and physics to the music of Gilles Binchois and Guillaume Dufay. The site is loaded with hands-on activities, demonstrating everything from the dangers of trading spices on the high seas to the puzzle of the seashell spiral. There's also a section dedicated to the Italian city of Florence, thought to be the model of Renaissance culture. The site is literally a classic!

Ancient Americans

To the ancient Anasazi, a "sipapu" was a passageway to the Lower World of their spiritual ancestors. Today, Sipapu at http://sipapu.ucsb.edu/ is your passageway to learn about the customs and traditions of these early Native Americans, the prehistoric ancestors of the Pueblo people of the Southwestern United States. Explore a Chaco Anasazi "great house" or step down into a prehistoric "great kiva," a subterranean ceremonial chamber. As a virtual archaeologist, you can inspect ancient pottery and artifacts these ancient Americans used in their daily lives.

Pub Date: 12/15/98

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