Opponent's playbok


The formation: I-formation, pro right.

The action: At the snap, left guard Randall McDaniel, left tackle Todd Steussie and center Jeff Christy step left for back-side pass protection. Right guard David Dixon steps left to double on the nose tackle, and right tackle Korey Stringer steps out to block on the end as both linemen sell a run-blocking look. Fullback Charles Evans (29) runs to the right as a lead blocker and, if no opposing player is attacking, flares to the right flat while running back Leroy Hoard (44) fakes a handoff through the 2-hole. Wide receiver Cris Carter (80), split wide left, runs a 15-yard curl across the middle, and tight end Andrew Glover (82) runs a post pattern. Randy Moss (84) runs a straight fly down the right sideline, and quarterback Randall Cunningham's first look is to Moss.

Pub Date: 12/13/98

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