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Dell and Yates earned their 'no' votesNow...


Dell and Yates earned their 'no' votes

Now I remember why I voted against re-electing Carroll County commissioners Donald I. Dell and Richard T. Yates in the recent election.

It's because of the way they say, "thank you."

Ken Walker


Horse-racing comments upsetting

As a taxpaying citizen of Maryland, I am extremely upset to read in your paper the words of Sen. Barbara A. Hoffman concerning the horse-racing industry.

In the recent election, our industry was merely seeking the right to compete on a level playing field with our nearest competition. The governor has already firmly planted his heels against us having this ability.

It would be extremely unwise for Ms. Hoffman or the state legislature to abandon us for political reasons.

Case in point: The stable of which I am part-owner has purchased nine horses during 1998 with a total value of $191,500. On these purchases, we have paid sales tax to the state of $9,575.

These purchases were made based on the purse structure being supplemented by the legislature's kindness. Should Ms. Hoffman and our other elected leaders decide to be vindictive and not supplement the purses for next year, we will run our horses in Delaware, which is not that far away and happens to be raising purses again.

My partners and I will be betting in Delaware, eating and drinking in Delaware and buying our horses in Delaware. I admit having to drive an extra 15 or 20 minutes to Delaware will be a little inconvenient but not as inconvenient as it will be to Maryland to lose an industry that employs as many people as ours.

It is statements such as Ms. Hoffman's that are making our political system into an all or nothing way of doing business that is turning off the American people. It would not surprise me if a professional wrestler would one day head our state.

Steven E. Davidson

New Windsor

Pub Date: 12/13/98

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