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25 years ago:The birds are gone from...


25 years ago:

The birds are gone from Manchester's Christmas Tree Park, but nobody is sure for just how long, including the "expert," Nelson F. Swink Jr. of the Wildlife Services Division in Annapolis. The town turned to Mr. Swink earlier this year for help in getting rid of the hundreds of starlings and blackbirds that had come to the park to roost for the second straight year. He believes the winter roost is on the way. If they do arrive, he is prepared to come to Manchester and bring a variety of noisemakers with him which he hopes will make life so miserable for the birds that they will decide to leave. -- the Carroll Record, Dec. 6, 1973.

100 years ago:

By request of persons who travel the road leading from Oakland Mills to the Liberty pike, we call the attention of the county commissioners to the miserable condition of said road, especially through the property of B. F. Bennett, and near the residence of T. S. Clark. Those two places are well-nigh impassable, and not only a disgrace to the community but also to the county. It is rather late to mend roads we admit, at least with dirt, but surely stones enough can be gotten nearby to fill these monster mud holes, and at very little cost now. If it is not done, and accidents occur at those places, which will be unavoidable, this county will have to pay damages. We doubt if there has been for years a place on any road in the county in such a miserable condition. We hope the attention of the commissioners will be called to this matter and the road mended at once. -- Democratic Advocate, Dec. 3, 1898.

Pub Date: 12/6/98

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