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Owens pledges to bring change voters wantedOver...


Owens pledges to bring change voters wanted

Over Thanksgiving, we gave thanks for many people and things in our lives. I had much to be thankful for, celebrating with family and friends.

I have to publicly thank the voters of Anne Arundel County for giving me the privilege and honor to serve them as county executive. I also have to publicly thank the many individuals who volunteered so generously of their time to work on the campaign. Since my election, I have seen a tremendous outpouring of support and goodwill that I hope will serve me well in my initial months of office.

Today, I will be sworn in at a ceremony at Anne Arundel Community College.

Tomorrow, I will serve my first day in office. In keeping with my campaign promise to have an open administration, I will open the fourth floor of the Arundel Center from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. to anyone who wants to drop by and see the county executive or just see the offices.

I will do my best to bring the change the voters clearly asked for on Nov. 3.

As we face the changes over the next year, I hope that I can count on your continued support.

I wish John Gary well. He has been very gracious and most helpful throughout this transition.

Janet S. Owens


The writer is Anne Arundel County executive-elect.

Observations from recovering Republican

I would like to offer some observations on the Nov. 15 column by Brian Sullam concerning the Republican Party and the losses it suffered in the recent election ("Toppling the GOP and other election surprises"). I feel qualified to make these observations because I am a recovering Republican.

I became a Democrat after being abandoned by a Republican Party that has been taken over by right-wing ideologues. The members of the extremist wing of the party talk incessantly about "family values," yet don't have a clue as to how to relate to the role of government in helping working families survive.

I don't believe that the Republican Party gives credit to voters who are far more sophisticated than to see every issue in abstract ideological terms.

People vote about issues that matter to their families and their future.

One such example of this is Del. John R. Leopold. Mr. Leopold is a Republican who has consistently enjoyed strong bipartisan support in an historically Democratic district. There is a reason for that. He recognizes that one does not have to abandon strongly held principals to make compromises for working families.

The Republican Party would be wise to follow his lead.

Gordon C. Hatt

Glen Burnie

Thanks for hosting foreign students

As an American Field Service volunteer, I am thankful for the opportunity to meet students and learn about the different features and customs of places all around the world.

I am thankful to be a part of a "family," which includes AFS students, their families and the volunteers.

AFS would like to give a special thanks to the families in the Anne Arundel chapter who are hosting a foreign exchange student this year: Vincent Savalina and Diana DeHoff of Pasadena; James and Kim McCarl of Crofton; John and Sondra Barker of Dunkirk; Steve and Sherry Vaniga of Annapolis; Tom and Theresa Baxter of Crofton; Rick and Grace Payne of Crofton; Jay and Mary Simmons of Annapolis; Kraus and Linda Fines of Crofton; Robert Nelson and Jennifer Arnold of Millersville; Gary and Ellen Martin of Bowie; Rich and Wear and Meg Bostrom of Severna Park, and William and Susan Miller of Pasadena.

Anne Arundel County is blessed to have these families who have opened their homes and hearts to AFS students who are spending one year in our country and our schools and enriching lives of those around them. Without host families, AFS would not be possible. If you would like to learn more about AFS, call Dan Gulden at 410-349-0463.

Christine Keefe


The writer is a host and volunteer for American Field Service.

Caption casts doubt about accuracy

The photo and cutline in the Nov. 21 edition of The Sun are typical of what passes for journalistic competence at your newspaper.

The cutline reads, "Crowds gather to read The Sun's 'old ticker.' "

Right, some of those folks are doing that with eyes in the back of their head, and almost all of them are looking at the "ticker" through their hats.

One look at the photo and it is obvious that most of the folks are looking at, and probably listening to, a band that just happens to be playing in front of a "ticker."

But hey, in keeping with your apparent standards, the ticker is running, there are folks standing there so you can report that all those people are reading the "ticker."

If you can't get the simple and the obvious right, how can you be trusted to accurately report on the complex and less-than-apparent issues which impact on our lives?

Ronald A. Grubb

Fort Meade

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