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State, federal agencies seek refund recipients


Federal and state tax collectors have launched an effort to locate Maryland taxpayers whose refund checks could not be delivered.

The Internal Revenue Service said 1,570 tax-refund checks totaling nearly $1 million were returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable. The amounts of the checks range from $1 to $25,501. The Maryland comptroller's office said it is holding 1,811 refund checks totaling $439,623 -- in amounts as high as $19,475.

The agencies said people who are missing an expected federal refund check from 1997 or earlier should call 800-829-1040. For state income tax refunds, call 410- 269-7980 or 800-MD-TAXES (800- 638-2937).

Pub Date: 12/04/98

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