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Wagner's Point inspections to begin Tuesday Appraiser asks residents to assist him in homes


An appraiser hired by the city will begin inspections of homes in Wagner's Point next week, according to a letter received by property owners this week.

Residents of the heavily industrial South Baltimore neighborhood have asked the city and the petrochemical industry to pay for relocating them.

The city says it will contribute by taking 90 homes in the neighborhood under eminent domain, providing a fair market value for each house, and using the resulting space for an expansion of a sewage-treatment plant.

Residents say they prefer a negotiated settlement with the city, and a Schmoke administration bill seeking eminent domain is stalled in the City Council.

City officials want to go forward with home inspections and appraisals so that the properties can be taken and residents relocated quickly, if the bill passes.

The Monday letter from appraiser Daniel Pollack, who performed sample appraisals on four Wagner's Point homes this summer, indicates he will begin inspections Tuesday.

The letter asks residents to help him, but "if I do not hear from you by December 8, 1998, I will attempt to make an inspection without you."

Pub Date: 12/03/98

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