NFL injury report


Sunday's games

Ravens at Tennessee

RAVENS: Out: RB Jay Graham (knee); S Kim Herring (shoulder-IR). Doubtful: WR Michael Jackson (foot); WR Jermaine Lewis (ankle).

OILERS: Questionable: S Blaine Bishop (knee); DE Josh Evans (knee); T Brad Hopkins (groin); C Kevin Long (knee); QB Steve McNair (foot); WR Yancey Thigpen (knee); RB Rodney Thomas (hamstring); CB Denard Walker (concussion); LB Barron Wortham (shoulder).

Buffalo at Cincinnati

BILLS: Questionable: LB Joe Cummings (ankle); LB John Holecek (knee); S Manny Martin (neck).

BENGALS: Out: G Rich Braham (knee). Questionable: LB Steve Foley (ankle). Probable: DE John Copeland (shoulder); QB Neil O'Donnell (jaw); DE Glen Steele (ankle); DT Mike Thompson (back).

Dallas at New Orleans

COWBOYS: Out: WR Ernie Mills (abdomen-IR); CB Kevin Smith (back). Questionable: WR Jeff Ogden (shoulder); CB Deion Sanders (toe); RB Chris Warren (groin). Probable: TE Eric Bjornson (ankle); CB Kevin Mathis (arm); T Erik Williams (knee); S Darren Woodson (elbow).

SAINTS: Doubtful: TE Scott Slutzker (knee). Questionable: LB Kevin Mitchell (knee). Probable: S Chris Hewitt (knee); TE Tony Johnson (groin); DT Wayne Martin (knee); WR Keith Poole (shoulder).

Detroit at Jacksonville

LIONS: Doubtful: S Mark Carrier (foot). Questionable: DE Tracy Scroggins (calf). Probable: DT Luther Elliss (head).

JAGUARS: Out: RB Tavian Banks (foot); LB Brant Boyer (neck-IR); G Jeff Novak (back-IR). Doubtful: T Tony Boselli (ankle-foot). Probable: S Donovin Darius (eye); RB Fred Taylor (shoulder).

Indianapolis at Atlanta

COLTS: Out: WR Marvin Harrison (shoulder-IR); G Tony Mandarich (back-IR). Doubtful: DE Bernard Whittington (groin). Questionable: LB Michael Barber (hamstring); CB Jeff Burris (knee); DT Tony McCoy (eye). Probable: RB Scott Greene (hamstring); DT Ellis Johnson (knee); C Jay Leeuwenburg (neck).

FALCONS: Doubtful: CB Randy Fuller (shoulder). Questionable: QB Chris Chandler (ankle). Probable: RB Bob Christian (shoulder); T Bob Whitfield (abdomen).

New England at Pittsburgh

PATRIOTS: Questionable: WR Troy Brown (ankle); LB Todd Collins (groin); G Heath Irwin (ankle); DE Willie McGinest (groin); DT Mark Wheeler (knee). Probable: QB Drew Bledsoe (finger); T Zefross Moss (knee); DT Henry Thomas (ankle).

STEELERS: Doubtful: RB Tim Lester (ankle). Questionable: RB Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (hamstring); WR Courtney Hawkins (knee); CB Deshea Townsend (hamstring). Probable: WR Will Blackwell (shoulder); K Norm Johnson (calf); LB Donta Jones (hip); CB Carnell Lake (ankle); P Josh Miller (groin); T Jamain Stephens (knee); LB Mike Vrabel (ankle).

San Diego at Washington

CHARGERS: Out: TE John Burke (shoulder); LB Lew Bush (knee); RB Natrone Means (foot); T Vaughn Parker (leg). Questionable: CB Terrance Shaw (knee); RB Tremayne Stephens (thigh). Probable: LB Kurt Gouveia (shoulder); WR Ryan Thelwell (ankle).

REDSKINS: Out: LB Ken Harvey (knee-IR); DT Dana Stubblefield (knee). Doubtful: WR Albert Connell (knee). Questionable: RB Terry Allen (ankle). Probable: S Leomont Evans (knee).

San Francisco at Carolina

49ERS: Out: DT Bryant Young (leg-IR). Doubtful: DE Brentson Buckner (ankle); DE Chris Doleman (pectoral); CB Antonio Langham (knee); CB Marquez Pope (ankle). Questionable: LB Lee Woodall (rib). Probable: DE Roy Barker (calf); S Tim McDonald (knee-ankle); K Wade Richey (heal).

PANTHERS: Out: WR Rae Carruth (foot-IR); CB Ryan Sutter (shoulder). Questionable: WR Michael Bates (hamstring); G Corbin Lacina (knee); NT Tim Morabito (knee); LB Tarek Saleh (neck); C Bryan Stoltenberg (knee). Probable: QB Steve Beuerlein (shoulder); S Juran Bolden (ankle); T Blake Brockermeyer (shoulder); LB Kevin Greene (concussion); LB Greg Lloyd (ankle); CB Steve Lofton (shoulder); S Mike Minter (knee); CB Tony Veland (leg); TE Wesley Walls (ankle).

Seattle (6-6) at N.Y. Jets

SEAHAWKS: Out: S Mark Collins (shoulder). Doubtful: DT Dan Saleaumua (hamstring); LB Dean Wells (knee). Questionable: LB Darrin Smith (hamstring). Probable: TE Carlester Crumpler (pelvis); TE Christian Fauria (neck); LB DeShone Myles (knee); CB Willie Williams (ankle).

JETS: Questionable: WR Keyshawn Johnson (hamstring).

N.Y. Giants at Arizona

GIANTS: Doubtful: G Lonnie Palelei (flu). Probable: G Greg Bishop (ankle); S Curtis Buckley (ankle); WR Ike Hilliard (teeth).

CARDINALS: Out: G Matt Joyce (hand); CB Tom Knight (hamstring); K Joe Nedney (knee-IR); DT Eric Swann (knee). Doubtful: LB Ronald McKinnon (knee). Probable: S Tommy Bennett (hip); CB J.B. Brown (calf); LB Mark Maddox (knee).

Kansas City at Denver

CHIEFS: Out: DE John Browning (ankle-back-IR); G Dave Szott (biceps-IR). Doubtful: WR Kevin Lockett (ankle); RB Tony Richardson (knee). Questionable: T Jeff Criswell (foot); T Marcus Spears (hand). Probable: CB Dale Carter (forearm); QB Rich Gannon (knee); DE Pellom McDaniels (ankle); DE Chester McGlockton (biceps).

BRONCOS: Questionable: S Eric Brown (groin). Probable: WR Justin Armour (hamstring); S Steve Atwater (shoulder); QB Bubby Brister (thigh); LB Keith Burns (thigh); G David Diaz-Infante (knee); QB John Elway (ribs); CB Darrien Gordon (back-arm); WR Willie Green (hamstring); RB Howard Griffith (knee); DT Harald Hasselbach (ankle); T Tony Jones (foot); RB Derek Loville (shoulder); WR Ed McCaffrey (hamstring-finger); WR Marcus Nash (toe); G Dan Neil (knee); CB Tito Paul (thigh); LB Bill Romanowski (shoulder); P Tom Rouen (shoulder); G Mark Schlereth (knee); DE Neil Smith (thigh);T Harry Swayne (thigh); DE Alfred Williams (elbow).

Miami at Oakland

DOLPHINS: Out: G Kevin Donnalley (knee); T Richmond Webb (tricep). Questionable: TE Troy Drayton (hand); WR Oronde Gadsden (toe). Probable: DE Trace Armstrong (hip); G John Bock (wrist); T James Brown (neck); S Calvin Jackson (ankle); RB Bernie Parmalee (shoulder).

RAIDERS: Out: S Eric Turner (foot). Doubtful: QB Jeff George (groin). Questionable: WR Desmond Howard (neck); S Anthony Newman (ankle-toe). Probable: P Leo Araguz (shoulder); TE Derek Brown (ankle); DT Grady Jackson (shoulder); WR James Jett (knee); DE Pat Swilling (knee).

Chicago at Minnesota

BEARS: Out: QB Erik Kramer (shoulder-IR). Questionable: LB Rico McDonald (concussion); QB Moses Moreno (ankle). Probable: RB Robert Chancey (knee); LB Barry Minter (knee); WR Chris Penn (back); G Chris Villarrial (calf).

VIKINGS: Out: QB Brad Johnson (thumb); WR Jake Reed (back); RB Robert Smith (knee). Doubtful: TE Hunter Goodwin (back).

Monday's game

Green Bay at Tampa Bay

PACKERS: Doubtful: G Marco Rivera (knee). Questionable: WR Robert Brooks (hamstring); WR Antonio Freeman (jaw); RB Raymont Harris (shin); DE Vonnie Holliday (ankle); LB Lamont Hollinquest (knee); CB Rod Smith (knee). Probable: DT Santana Dotson (shoulder); RB Dorsey Levens (ankle); WR Derrick Mayes (knee); CB Craig Newsome (knee).

BUCS: Out: G Jorge Diaz (foot). Questionable: CB Anthony Parker (hamstring). Probable: TE John Davis (hamstring); T Paul Gruber (shoulder); CB Brian Kelly (knee); T Jason Odom (hip).

Pub Date: 12/03/98

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