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1. In 1921, which kingdom was established in the Balkans?

2. What does EPA stand for?

Turn Down the Heat

How serious are changes in the world's climate? They'rexpected to affect our forests, crop yields and water supplies. Global warming could also threaten human health. At the EPA's Global Warming Web site, you'll get all of the information you need. Go green at http://www.epa.gov/oppeoee1/ and discover what you can do to put a lid on the greenhouse gas emissions wreaking havoc on our atmosphere. With scientific facts and forecasts, the EPA takes you to the future of America's deserts, coastal zones, farms and national forests. It's time to think global and act local!

A beginner's guide to the Balkans

Imagine that your best friend down the block was forced to be your enemy overnight, just because of her religion, or because of his last name. That's what happened to a lot of people living in a war-torn region of Europe called the Balkans. The conflict in the former Yugoslavia is an important historical event-one that deserves the world's attention. Learn how it all started and what's happening now by visiting http://www.abcnews.com/sections/world/balkans Using cool interactive timelines, maps and media clips, you'll get the whole picture, from the settling of this multi-ethnic area hundreds of years ago to the peace treaty of 1995.

Pub Date: 11/17/98

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