Korn proud of its big, nonstop Values tour


Fieldy, the bass player in Korn, is talking about what a great deal the Family Values tour is. "I mean, we knew it would be good, just because of all the bands on the bill," he says, referring to a lineup that includes rapper Ice Cube, hip-hop metalists Limp Bizkit, German industrial rockers Rammstein and techno rockers Orgy.

"It's pretty crazy, because everybody has full production," he says, meaning that each act gets full use of the lights and sound, instead of the partial use opening acts are usually allowed. As a result, he says, "It's like watching five headlining acts . . . You get your money's worth if you come to this show."

So he's pleased with the way the tour has turned out?

"I think it's like one of the biggest rock concerts to ever hit, like, in the history of life," he says proudly.

Well, that may be exaggerating slightly, but it's easy to understand why Fieldy is so excited. Instead of the usual 45-minute wait between acts, the revolving stage Korn commissioned for the tour means that the bands are on and off within 10 minutes of each other.

What Korn hoped to create was an atmosphere of total entertainment. "We're just trying to make it like a big party," says Fieldy. "Like, when you first walk in the door, all the lights are out, and we have this huge disco ball, and there's a DJ spinning music.

"It's not like walking into a concert. We're trying to get away from that whole feel, and make it more intimate. That's really hard to pull off in an arena, and it's working."

Part of the reason the show works so well is that Korn was totally involved in almost every aspect of the show. "We hand-picked all the bands, and we wanted to make it really entertaining, and hardly no downtime for the fans," he says.

"I mean, you see some of these tours put together where you've got, like, Limp Bizkit, and then Third Eye Blind will go on. It's like a real mix-up of music. We're trying to keep everything in the same vibe, same style."

So if Fieldy seems a bit like an overzealous pitchman, it's only because he believes in the product. "It's insane. Nothing ever went down like this," he says. "If you miss this show, you're missing the concert of a lifetime."


When: Saturday, 7 p.m.

Where: The Patriot Center, George Mason University, 4400 University Dr., Fairfax, Va.

Tickets: $31.25

Call: 410-481-7328

Sundial: To hear excerpts from Korn's new release, "Follow the Leader," call Sundial at 410-783-1800 and enter the four-digit code 6117. For other local Sundial numbers, see the Sundial directory on Page 2B.

Pub Date: 10/29/98

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