" 'The Watsons Go To Birmingham' is...


" 'The Watsons Go To Birmingham' is a story about the bombings of Alabama and the Southern states of the United States of America. This book was written by Christopher Paul Curtis. It is a wonderful novel that explains how America has changed."

- Briana Myers

Cromwell Valley Elementary Magnet School of Technology

" 'Angelina Ballerina' by Katharine Holabird is a stupendous book, especially if you're a girl who likes to dance. There are some funny parts, like when Angelina jumped in her mother's sewing basket!"

- Julie Thomas

Thunder Hill Elementary

" 'Tillie and Mert' by Ida Luttrell is a funny book. It has three stories about Tillie and Mert. 'Sister Alice' was my favorite story because Tillie tells everyone's fortune and she's right."

- Shalin Panchigar

Sunset Elementary

Pub Date: 9/27/98

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