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Shady Side group should use time more...


Shady Side group should use time more wisely

I read the Aug. 19 article in The Sun in Anne Arundel about Reinaldo Lopez and the home he is building in Shady Side, and of the complaints of some residents about its appearance ("In the eye of the beholder").

During 1995-1996, I invested more than $100,000 in an abandoned home in Shady Side, which I renovated for resale. During that time, I never heard of the Shady Side Peninsula Association.

When I finished the work, I sold the house.

The first contract fell through when the buyer and his family drove there to see their new home on a weekend and encountered an aggressive open-air drug market.

I spoke with some of the neighbors who had called the police to no avail. We called the county executive and made repeated calls to the county police. In a short time, that drug market was closed down.

Heavy rains that year flooded the lawn in my yard and many others because the roadside drainage ditches were clogged with trash and weeds.

I made numerous calls to the county Department of Public Works to request proper maintenance of the drainage ditches.

They also responded and cleared out the trash and weeds. The Shady Side Peninsula Association could better spend its time in seeking redress from real problems than in trying to dictate architectural taste.

Shady Side has many beautiful homes as well as rundown shacks, in addition to the ubiquitous vinyl boxes that "blend in" with the neighborhood. Mr. Lopez, an artist, is bringing his affluence to Shady Side.

If the eccentricity of his taste attracts a few "tourists," it is better than attracting the customers to local drug dealers. Personally, I welcome him to Anne Arundel County.

William K. Enright


Deer in medianof busy Route 100

On a recent Saturday afternoon, my wife and I were traveling on Route 100 near Catherine Avenue. To our dismay, we saw two small deer stranded in the median strip of this busy roadway.

The obvious reason that the animals were in this predicament is that their home was cleared out for builders.

This was another example of the continuing desecration of open space in Anne Arundel County, under the administration of John G. Gary.

Perhaps in the future, consideration will be given to wildlife prior to destroying their habitat. I am one registered Republican who will not vote for Mr. Gary in the coming election.

Bill Hubbard


Mose (with one 's')to the rescue

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for sending me help in the person of Officer Mose Calloway, who works for the sheriff's department in Anne Arundel County.

On Aug. 25, my car quit running in traffic on the Benfield Boulevard ramp to Interstate 97. The truck in back of me pulled around me and the next time I looked in the rearview mirror there was Officer Calloway's police car.

This gentleman helped me get me car off the road and was kind enough to bring me home.

Thank you, Mose (without the second "s"). You were my godsend.

Carol G. Young


Pub Date: 9/20/98

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