Accessories the latest twist for star stylistOnce...


Accessories the latest twist for star stylist

Once you've mastered hair, accessories must be a breeze.

Renowned hairstylist Frederic Fekkai (left), whose celebrity clients include Winona Ryder, Martha Stewart and John F. Kennedy Jr., has expanded into handbags, sunglasses and hair accessories.

Fekkai - who has salons in New York and Beverly Hills - will be at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to celebrate the opening of his accessories counter there.

The hair ties have a sculptural feeling. The handbags are often made of calfskin. And the shades are by noted designer Alain Mikli. (Prices overall range from $20 to $675.)

With haircuts rumored to cost $290 and a three-month wait for appointments, this may be the closest many of us get to the style setter. Call 301-657-9000, Ext. 318, for more information.

LaVelle Olexa believes she and Lord & Taylor shoppers think alike.

"Our customer wants to be on top of the trends but never cutting edge," says Olexa, senior vice president of fashion merchandising, public relations and special events for the company. "She wants to get fashion mileage out of what she buys. That's what I'm looking for in my own clothes."

That philosophy will be applied when Lord & Taylor opens in White Marsh on Wednesday. Stores in Annapolis, Columbia and Owings Mills are scheduled to follow before the end of November.

Although Baltimore's not a high-fashion city, she believes it's keeping pace with the rest of the country, where dressing down is now more in vogue. "There's a strong interest in the casual, comfortable aspects of dressing. Even career dressing is more relaxed," she says.

Her top picks for fall include a long skirt, sturdy-heeled shoe, silver man-tailored watch and sweater (turtleneck, V-neck or twin set).

As for her own wardrobe, the former model has bought a gray flannel suit and short black leather jacket. At the moment, she's still in pursuit of the perfect gray handbag. In the movie "54," Salvatore Vincent Zannino plays a nightclub wannabe caught on the wrong side of the velvet rope. But in real life, he was too young and innocent to disco in the '70s.

Zannino laughs as he describes what he did while Liza, Andy and Bianca partied. "I was being an altar boy at Our Lady of Pompei in Highlandtown," he says.

But four days of filming gave the Baltimore native turned Miami model a chance to experience the '70s glory days. He also got to rub polyestered shoulders with Mike Myers, Cindy Crawford and Neve Campbell.

A Hopkins graduate, he became a model after being discovered by a scout in Miami's South Beach. Since then, Zannino - who professionally goes by the name Vincent De Paul - has worked extensively: Coke commercials in Latin America, L'Oreal ads in France, Slimfast in Italy. The brown-eyed 28-year-old also has done runway shows for Hugo Boss, Gianni Versace and Gianfranco Ferre.

He returns to Baltimore this month to begin filming a movie and also has a small role in the "Homicide" season opener Sept. 25. (His parents' business - the Zannino Funeral Home - is featured in the show.)

He says the wild fashion scene depicted in "54" bears little resemblance to his own life. "I swim, moisturize and eat well," he says. "No smoking, no drinking, no drugs."

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