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Sauerbrey fund raising surpasses $3 million Republican candidate releases campaign report


Republican Ellen R. Sauerbrey has topped the $3 million mark in fund raising for her gubernatorial campaign with a steady flow of small and large donations, according to a report to be filed with the state election board today.

Sauerbrey and running mate Richard D. Bennett collected $259,823 -- or more than $13,000 a day -- during the 19-day period covered by the report. About 20 percent came from out-of-state contributors, more than double the percentage from earlier in the campaign.

Setting a record for a Republican candidate for governor in Maryland with every dollar it collects, the Sauerbrey team has raised $3.2 million and has $1.4 million on hand. As of its most recent report filed last month, the Glendening campaign had raised $3.9 million.

With the Sept. 15 Republican primary less than two weeks away and the November election approaching, Sauerbrey has stepped her spending. She allocated more than $45,000 to making and airing commercials, $46,000 on printed campaign materials and $32,000 on mailings, according to the report.

Sauerbrey spokesman Jim Dornan said the campaign's fund raising was "right on target."

Although the reports are not due at the state election board until today, the Sauerbrey campaign released its tally early.

Len Foxwell, a Glendening campaign spokesman, said the governor's report would be filed today. He would not say how much the campaign had raised but said "we'll be very competitive."

Sauerbrey continued to benefit from anger at Glendening on the Eastern Shore -- particularly in the poultry industry -- over the governor's handling of last year's Pfiesteria outbreak. The Republican pulled in about $80,000 at a fund-raiser on the Shore about two weeks ago, Dornan said.

Among Sauerbrey's largest givers during the recent reporting period were:

L Angelica Nurseries Inc., of Kennedyville, which gave $4,000.

R. Michael Gill, founder of Americom Inc., a Timonium cellular phone company, who gave $4,000.

Riparius Corp., a Timonium developer, which gave $4,000.

Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association, which contributed $4,000.

Pub Date: 9/04/98

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