Redskins still on top in ticket price cost Ravens family outing in top third at $242


For the second season in a row, the Washington Redskins have the highest average ticket price in the NFL, and the Ravens have the 10th highest, according to an annual review of fan costs.

Team Marketing Report, a Chicago-based newsletter, calculates the average cost of a family of four attending a home game for each NFL team. The report does not account for the one-time cost of permanent seat licenses, required by the Ravens and some other teams to buy season tickets. Nor does it include the prices charged for premium venues such as skyboxes.

A Redskins outing, with tickets averaging $74.28, would put the family back $375, assuming they bought one parking space, two beers, programs and hats, and four sodas and hot dogs.

A game at the Ravens' new stadium would cost $242 -- up more than 5 percent from last year. Game tickets are 15 percent costlier at the new stadium than the old, averaging $42.93.

Those costs put the Ravens in the top third of the 30-team league. The team's average ticket price, is just slightly above the NFL average of $42.86.

The five most expensive teams are Washington, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Carolina and San Diego. The most affordable team is the Atlanta Falcons, where an average ticket goes for $32.15 and the mythical family of four will spend $193.

The average ticket in the league increased 4.7 percent this season, while overall costs of attending increased 5.2 percent.

Pub Date: 9/03/98

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