10 views from here From what you will see to what you will hear, here is an inside look from 10 vantage points


1. Section 526

Row 32

Price: $2,000 PSL, $55 per game

View of field: What would you expect from the highest row in the upper deck? "You can see the plays unfold, but not the players' faces," said Katherine Sullivan, 26, calling that a fair trade.

View of scoreboard: Rarified air notwithstanding, these seats are on the 50-yard line. "We're perfectly positioned to see both scoreboards," said Sullivan, of Alexandria, Va. The boards score big with Steve Brandenburg, 26, of Glen Burnie. "The clarity is unbelievable," he said.

Acoustics: Booming. "You still feel you're at the game up here," Brandenburg said.

Distance to nearest restroom: The bad news is, it's 143 paces to either one. The good news? The trek is all downhill.

Neighborhood: Civil, subdued. "We all stand and cheer," said Brandenburg, save for a few fans scared of heights. "People seem enthusiastic about the Ravens," said Sullivan, who has attended both preseason games. "They're just not rowdy yet."

Concession convenience: Beer and soda vendors take the steps like goats, four of them hawking drinks in the first quarter Monday night. Several fans said they can polish off two hot dogs in the time it takes to hike up from the food stands.

Biggest gripe: "The climb up and down the stairs and ramps is a lengthy process," Sullivan said. Brandenburg timed it: nearly 15 minutes from gate to seat. No escalators or elevators, either.

Sweetest praise: A breeze off the Patapsco ("Come winter, it'll probably feel like 100 below zero," Sullivan said), an overhang in case of rain and a breathtaking look at the skyline. "You've got to love the view," Brandenburg said. "My folks came ... and spent much of their time taking pictures."


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