Harold W. Ezell, 61, the co-author of...


Harold W. Ezell, 61, the co-author of California's controversial Proposition 187 and a vocal advocate of immigration reform, died of liver cancer Tuesday in Newport Beach, Calif. He helped draft Proposition 187, which sought to eliminate publicly funded education and most health care services to undocumented immigrants. The measure passed in November 1994 but was later ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.

John R. Williams, 88, who helped propel Republicans to statewide power and was the first Arizona governor to serve a four-year term, died Monday in Phoenix.

Jerry Clower, 71, a Grand Ole Opry comedian who regaled audiences for more than 25 years with stories about rural Southern culture and the fictional Ledbetter family, died Monday of cardiorespiratory arrest in Nashville, Tenn.

Hoyt C. Hottel, 95, a scientist and professor who helped develop the incendiary bomb and flamethrower during World War II, died in Winchester, Mass., on Tuesday of pancreatic cancer.

Pub Date: 8/27/98

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