Saving summer skin


Summer is tough on your skin.

The sun, humidity and heavy-duty sunscreen can make skin feel beat-up by August. Daniel Maes, vice president of research and development at Estee Lauder Inc., offers these tips on helping skin recover.

* Exfoliate once a week. Women often make the mistake of wetting skin beforehand, but for best results apply exfoliant to dry skin and then wash off. Products such as Estee Lauder's Fruition Extra are mild enough to use daily.

* Moisturize, but don't apply right after the shower because pores are too dilated. Instead, towel dry and wait several minutes for the skin to cool down. This minimizes the risk of reaction and maximizes effectiveness.

* For a cool treat, put your moisturizer in the refrigerator.

* Go light on the makeup. Rather than layering on the powder, consider taking a short break by washing your face and starting over.

Frame-up, by design

She helps save the world, performs jujitsu and epitomizes sex appeal in a black-leather catsuit.

What's not to love about Emma Peel?

The secret agent and style avatar is back, this time played by Uma Thurman in a movie version of the '60s TV hit, "The Avengers." And Calvin Klein is paying homage to her with "The Avenger," oval sunglasses like the kind Thurman wears in the film.

The mod shades serve as a perfect counterpoint to the signature bowler worn by British agent and partner John Steed (played by Ralph Fiennes).

The designer versions come with black or tortoise frames and are available at select Sunglass Hut stores for $85

Fresh scent in the air

Lancome - creator of such sophisticated fragrances as Tresor and Poeme - is aiming for a younger market with the introduction of O Oui!, a breezy eau de toilette that blends freesia, honeysuckle and musk. The frosted glass flacon with geometric design, priced from $30 to $45, makes its debut this month.

We took the scent to the street and got these early reviews:

* Jennifer Koehler, 16, of Towson, said: "This is one of those bottles you'd put on your dresser. ... It's a modern type of what your grandmother would have." The "refreshing" scent hit the right notes with her, and she paid it the ultimate compliment: "It doesn't give me a headache." Her rating: A.

* The name didn't win over Christina Twomey. "It's trying to be glamorous, but it's cheesy. I'd hate to have to go to the counter and ask for it," said the 17-year-old from Reisterstown. But the scent - "a clean floral with a spicy punch" - impressed her. Her rating: B+.

* Lisa Pataki raved about the "expensive-looking" bottle and called the name "cool but weird." She regularly wears Tommy Girl, but O Oui! is heavy, citrusy and a little overbearing, said the 17-year-old from Catonsville. Her rating: C.

* Laura Sellinger, 17, of Lutherville liked the "flashy" name, zTC "eye-catching" bottle and the mix of musk and spices. "It's fresh and ... teen-agey," she said. "That's a good thing." Her rating: A-

Pub Date: 8/16/98

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