Ahmad Tarawneh,78, a former aide to Jordanian...


Ahmad Tarawneh,78, a former aide to Jordanian kings who served repeatedly as a Cabinet minister, died Saturday in his hometown of Kerak, 75 miles south of the capital Amman, the Royal Palace and prime minister's office announced. They gave no cause of death except old age.

Vance I. Oyama,76, a biochemist whose laboratory in a shoe box aboard the Mars landers two decades ago helped fuel an intense debate about the existence of life on that planet, died of cancer July 27 at his home in Middletown, Calif. He was the former chief of the life-detection branch at National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif.

Rudel Briscoe,65, who abandoned an art career for a turn in the world of high-fashion hairdressing, died Aug. 2 of heart disease in New York. The Philadelphia native, who grew up in Harlem, was one of the first black hairdressers to operate a downtown salon in New York City.

Dr. Charles G. Wilber,82, of Fort Collins, Colo., who led Arctic expeditions and taught at several universities, died Thursday at a hospital in Falmouth, Mass., after a sudden illness. At the time of his death, he was a professor at Colorado State University, director of the forensic science laboratory there and chairman emeritus of the department of zoology. He graduated from lTC Marquette University and received a master's degree and his doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University.

Andre Weil,92, a former professor at the Institute for Advanced Study whose work set new foundations for basic mathematics, died Thursday in Princeton, N.J. In 1994, he won the equivalent of the Nobel Prize, the Kyoto Prize in Basic Science from the Inamori Foundation of Kyoto, Japan. The award honored part of his work known as the Weil conjectures, which provided the principles for modern algebraic geometry.

Rose Blumkin,104, who created one of the largest furniture stores in the United States and ran it for 61 years, died Sunday after suffering from heart problems and chronic bronchitis in Omaha, Neb.

Pub Date: 8/11/98

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