Toucan Sam turns 35


Toucan Sam, the cartoon spokesbird for Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal, turned 35 this week. Some things you may not know about Mr. Sam:

Toucan Sam originally had a much larger snout, but in the early 1970s, cosmetic surgeons gave him a "beak job" and shortened his bill.

He has never married, but he does have three nephews.

His accent was inspired by actor Ronald Colman, but in early TV commercials, he spoke "Toucanese," a variation of pig Latin. Cartoon vocalist Mel Blanc supplied the original voice for Sam, but Paul Frees (the voice of Boris Badenov in "Bullwinkle") took over in 1970. Today, Maurice LeMarche provides the pipes.

In honor of the bachelor bird's 35th birthday, Kellogg's has released a new version of the cereal called Marshmallow Blasted Froot Loops, which contains blue and white toucan-shaped marshmallow pieces.

Pub Date: 8/07/98

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