Owens wouldn't battle the educatorsI'm dancing happy...


Owens wouldn't battle the educators

I'm dancing happy about Janet Owens entering the county executive's race in Anne Arundel.

Awhile ago, I read with healthy cynicism about Councilwoman Diane Evans's conversion to the Democratic Party. After all, the parties espouse opposing priorities, and Diane stays in the right-hand lane. Her record on Democratic priorities such as school funding and employee issues is abysmal.

Although there are Democrat-leaning Republicans in government, she's never been among them. Doubting revelation and rebirth, I suspected she saw a lighted path to the boss' swivel chair.

More interesting is her grandstanding "demand" for $13.5 million stashed in County Executive John G. Gary's contingency fund.

She should be paying dues to the Screen Actors Guild. She thinks the play-acting might distance her from Mr. Gary (who doesn't deserve a vote from any parent, relative, friend or casual acquaintance of a child in a county school). Only the memory-challenged, however, will be impressed.

Most remember that Ms. Evans supported this budget, including its Draconian cuts to schools and the contingency fund money-stashing. That's not all.

Last year, when the school health program was being decimated, Ms. Evans' thumb was up. Three years ago, when the county barely met the legal minimum of local school funding, her thumb again pointed skyward.

I have sons in public school. That their futures have been handicapped by Mr. Gary, with Ms. Evans marching in cadence, is unforgivable. I'll vote for the Democrat, not the chameleon.

And after hearing Ms. Owens' message on schools and her commitment to a partnership between the county and the board, I'll dance to the polls.

Bill Jones


During my career as a physician, I understood the importance of listening to a patient first, assessing the problem, developing a plan with patient involvement, being honest with the patient and then aggressively implementing the plan.

These are qualities that we should demand from the next county executive. The one candidate who has consistently demonstrated all these is Janet Owens. She is intelligent, has unquestioned integrity, has held major executive management posts and has proven in various positions that she is a leader dedicated to working with and for all the people. Janet Owens has my vote.

Beatrice Selvin, M.D.


One only has to look at the recent budget cuts by the school board to realize that the true victims of the ongoing battle between John G. Gary, the County Council and the Board of Education are the county's children.

These petty struggles need to be halted. Sanity and a clear focus on appropriate priorities need to be returned to Anne Arundel County government. A clean sweep needs to be made of many of our elected officials, starting with the county executive.

Janet Owens offers vision and focus for Anne Arundel County. She will tackle our county's needs while allowing the school board to do its job: provide quality education for our children.

Mary C. Dunlap


I am writing to urge support for Janet Owens for county executive in the upcoming election. Our current county executive and County Council should not be reelected because of the gross neglect they have displayed toward the children of this county. Over the last four years, they have consistently decreased the county portion of funds going to our schools.

This has resulted in larger class size, lack of materials for instruction and outdated textbooks. Our children are our future. They deserve much better.

I urge you to support and vote for Janet Owens, a candidate for county executive who has a vision for the future that includes a quality education for our children.

Thomas Paolino


The writer is former president of the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County.

As a concerned citizen of Anne Arundel, I support Janet Owens for county executive. Our present combative executive wastes a lot of time and energy in unnecessary battles, generating poor morale among county employees. He continues to try and usurp other agency's power in his quest for complete autonomy.

We need Janet Owens to return some sense of sanity to county government.

Bud Stupi


Councilman Mulford no ally of the teachers

As an educator and resident of Anne Arundel County's Councilmanic District 6, I find it very distressful that my elected representative has openly come out in opposition to education.

While Councilman William C. Mulford II pretends to be a supporter of public education, his actions speak volumes.

His attempts to keep the money "out of the hands of those teachers" illustrates his lack of knowledge and commitment to education. His vehemence during the budget process sent a clear message of lack of support for the children and educators of Anne Arundel County.

When will our elected officials understand that by keeping money "out of the hands of the teachers," they are keeping the funding out of the classroom and away from the children.

Educators in Anne Arundel County are not in the profession because it pays well, or because the job is easy. We are in this profession for the rewards we receive by serving every child in our school system. We are in this profession, and remain in it, because we care.

Mr. Mulford has spoken loud and clear. Education is not a priority for him. All kids can succeed and we're committed to making sure that happens. We need elected officials who are equally as committed.

Fortunately, we do have a choice in the coming election. There is a candidate who has education as a priority, who genuinely cares about the children of Anne Arundel.

Electing Barbara Samorajczyk to the County Council in District 6 will give children and educators hope for the future.

Sheila M. Finlayson


Stuck with the 'King of Growth'

Four years ago, candidate Shirley Murphy a lifetime Democrat and self-proclaimed activist, lost to Tom Redmond, a lifetime Republican.

So what? She lost to him in the Democratic primary. She was so angry over her defeat that she dumped the Democrats and supported the Republican candidate. Talk about sour grapes.

Her support for Tom Holland may have helped Mr. Redmond win the election. It's painfully obvious to me that she's going to lose again and we'll be stuck with the king of rampant growth.

Joseph Harkum


Diane Evans worth switching for

Diane Evans' opponent in the upcoming primary for Anne Arundel County executive claims to be the superior candidate based solely on her seniority as a registered Democrat.

By that logic, wouldn't Diane be the superior choice because she has more seniority as a Democrat candidate for county executive?

Sorry folks, but this race has nothing to do with longevity. It has everything to do with the ability to lead Anne Arundel County into the 21st century.

It has everything to do with the ability to solve our education crises, address our environmental concerns and defend our quality of life.

As a lifelong Democrat, I recently switched parties so I could support Ms. Evans in the primary. Now I need to switch back. So be it.

For years, I have relied on my instincts about politicians. I have voted for the person, without regard to party affiliation, and will continue to do so. I vote for the most qualified, informed candidate with the most integrity.

We all know who that candidate has been.

She has stood on her own on issues related to the environment and education, while fellow council members sat back and succumbed to political pressure. We need someone who will listen to the people. We need Diane Evans.

Arnie Dordick


Schneider for District 33 seat

Over the past four years, I have worked with Sheila Schneider on the Anne Arundel County Commission for Women.

Sheila is a candidate for House of Delegates in District 33. There is no better qualified person to serve as delegate.

I have witnessed her dedication to the residents of Anne Arundel. Because of her contribution to the Commission for Women, Sheila has been re-appointed to her third two-year term.

For many years, Sheila has worked on issues concerning violence against women, health care for children, domestic violence, gender equality for girls, and many other issues dealing with families in our county and state. She understands the issues and has worked hard to address them.

Sheila is also executive director of the Greater Crofton Chamber of Commerce. She understands issues concerning small business.

Since founding the Greater Women's Information Network in 1990, Sheila has conducted crime prevention workshops throughout the Washington/Baltimore region. She is dedicated to educating the public about reducing one's risk of becoming a victim. She serves on the Anne Arundel County Sexual Assault Crisis Center Advisory Board and is a member of the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence and the YWCA of Arnold and Anne Arundel County.

Sheila also serves on the Greater Crofton Council, the 21st Century Education Foundation and the Crofton Meadows Elementary School Advisory Board.

As a teacher in Anne Arundel, I am proud to say that Shelia received recommendations from the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County and the Maryland State Teachers Association.

Sheila Schneider is the best choice for delegate in District 33. I encourage you to vote for her when you go to the polls this fall.

Christine Davenport

Glen Burnie

Pub Date: 8/02/98

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