NBA, union agree to talk Aug. 6 Last meeting was June 22; players take legal action


NEW YORK -- Amid the backdrop of two legal actions taken by the players association, the league and the union will resume bargaining Aug. 6 in an effort to move closer to resolving the disputes that have left the NBA in a lockout for more than three weeks.

The scheduled session, which was announced yesterday, will be the first time the sides have bargained since an unproductive 30-minute meeting June 22. Since then, the union has fired off two legal shots at the league: a grievance on behalf of players to be paid during the lockout, and a charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board challenging the owner-imposed lockout as unlawful.

"The NBA owners have made multiple proposals, while the players have refused to budge from their first offer," Jeffrey Mishkin, the league's chief legal officer, said in response to the union's charge.

At the core of the dispute is the owners' desire to put a ceiling on how much players can earn in a system they reluctantly approved three years ago.

Pub Date: 7/25/98

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